Superheroes Again: Avengers 2 & MORE!!! – CineFix Now

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Today's Entertainment Weekly cover was all about The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Which reminded us: Superheroes! We love superheroes around here! Subscribe:'s been a little bit of time since we'v...

Stormtroopers’ 9/11

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Where were you when the Death Star fell? See our videos a month earlier at and follow us on

Boat Comedy: Future Husbands – Texting Genius

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For more from Boat Comedy, subscribe to their channel: is easy when you've got a texting savant at your disposal.Get more Funny Or Die-------------...

Awkward Handshake: The Game – Moving Mind Studio

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Ever get confused as to which handshake to deply in a social situation? Awkward Handshake the Game can help, or make things even more awkward. It's up to you. A great video game spoof by Moving Mind Studio.

Frozen – 8 Bit Cinema

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CineFix presents Frozen retold via old-school 8-bit (and a little 16 bit ;) game tech. No quarters or controllers required! Subscribe to CineFix - 8-bit Cinema "gamifies" your favorite Hollywood B...

Dos Padres: Blacktorpiece Theatre – Casablanca

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Subscribe for more episodes! ► to Blacktorpiece Theatre where black actors star in CLASSIC American cinema. Please enjoy this shot for shot remake of Casablanca -- Reference scene: htt...

My 3 year old must argue and debate everything!

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Vine Compilation – Best of Zachary Piona – BEST VINES 2014

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A "best of" compilation for Zachary Piona. This guy's hilarious, feel free to check him out & SHARE if you loved the video!Some things you could do to make your life more ...

7 Surprising Vodka Hacks

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Vodka can be used for a whole lot more than just drinking.Post to Facebook:<br />Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: to Twitter: Binar...

Nintendo 64 – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Brutalmoose

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Why I Love Makeup

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In which John discusses his love for makeup while being made up for a television show. Thanks to Bridget for her expertise and for her patience as I asked her a million questions about makeup.Favorite makeup tutorial...


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▶ NOW available on iTunes:▶ Official PSY Online Store US & International : <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://psy.sho...

Portugal.The Man – Evil Friends [Official Music Video]

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Ski masks, snowmobiles and night vision - OH MY! Portugal. The Man goes from dreamy to punk rock in a video that goes from spooky to pseudo-violent surreal. Directed by Michael Ragen

Soft Metals – In the Air (Live on KEXP)

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http://KEXP.ORG presents Soft Metals performing "In The Air" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded November 29, 2013.<br />Host: Dj SharleseAudio Engineer: Kevin SuggsCameras: Scott Holpainen, Tim Meinig & Morg...

Beastie Boys – Sabotage

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Music video for Sabotage, by the Beastie Boys. (C) 2009 Capitol Records

Solange – Losing You

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Solange explores the township of Langa in Cape Town, South Africa, showing that style and the joy that dance and music brings exists everywhere.

Kimbra – “Two Way Street” LIVE Studio Session

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Kimbra creates a huge sound live on a rooftop with big voices and tiny boxes. This version of Two Way Street was recorded live for Pretty amazing.

Blind Date Fedora Prank

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Morchael pulls his best prank yet by dressing his friend Søren in the worst outfit of all time to meet a blind date featuring Nick Kocher, Akilah Hughes, Morchael Gurgory, Sarah Gregory, the music of James Wallace &a...

Commercial project: Everything Starts With An Idea

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A "commercial project" film made by students at The Animation Workshop for renowned Danish music event Roskilde Festival. The brief: Make something that inspires the festival guests to put the Roskilde spirit of ever...

Mondo Guest Pass: Super – Matador

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Maker vs Marker

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An animator battle his own creation in the stop motion animation Maker vs Marker. Who will win the animated warrior or the hand? Animation by Jonny Lawrence Music by Brian Sadler

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

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Please help support us on Patreon : me on Twitter :<br />Follow Me on Facebook : my site for looping animations a...

Wilt Chamberlain on Tall Tales | Blank on Blank | PBS Digital Studios

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Wilt Chamberlain tells what is was like to be a seven foot tall 14-year-old and many other stories from his life and career. "I think a lot of ladies found me so attractive because I was different." - Wilt Chamberl...

Don’t Feed The Humans – Escape?! Part 2 (Ep #8)

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The humans get help from a totally unexpected source. & Creator: Jeff ShorkeySound Design: Craig ZarazunMusic: Bob SmartLogo &...

Trials Riding on Killer rocks in Moab – Jeremy VanSchoonhoven

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This video features my good friend Jeremy VanSchoonhoven. He was a finalist last year on America's Got Talent! He is a professional Trial Bike rider.He performs all over the world. And you can book him for an event t...

Dirty Rock: Hammerhead Cleaning Station

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Diving around Cocos Island (Costa Rica) is amazing and we were grateful to have had the chance to see six species of sharks: Tiger shark, Whale shark, Galapagos shark, White tip and Black tip reef sharks and huge sch...

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skateboarding through nyc with a gopro - details on my blog: http://mareadyphotography.comcheck out my site:

Salomon Freeski TV S6E11 – Not another GoPro edit

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Get your steep and deep winter sports fix with Salomon's new video. Some of the best freestyle skiing footage we've seen. Pray for snow!

Tim Humphreys GoPro Snowboarding 2011 – Go Pro HD Hero self filming

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Tim Humphreys: Snowboarding around Xgames, Dew Tour, The streets, and the backcountry while handheld pov self filming with my GoPro Hero2!Song: Deadmau5 - Ghosts N Stuff Ft. Rob SwireBigupps to Flow, Neff, and GoPro...

Diving In Belayers’ Streams – Canyoning

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1 an de canyoning55 canyons1300 vidéos5 potes 2 GoPro HD 270 Go de videomusique : Imagine Dragons - Radioactive Imagine Dragons - Demonsune autres vidéo de canyon de l'équipe :

ImpossiBomb – Bravest Warriors (Minisode 4) on Cartoon Hangover

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Subscribe: Hangover presents Bravest Warriors, "ImpossiBomb"This one-minute short features Impossibear as he hands over a present to his dear ...

Ginger Orphan Playhouse – Episode 4 of 10

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Lazy Saturday afternoon with Gizmo

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Fun edit of Gizmo and I on a saturday afternoon, I busted out the longboard and GoPro and went out front for a minishred with Gizmo.You can get your hands on that blue hoodie from WWW.108LIMITED.COM

Two months breaking ice (in under five minutes)

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Cassandra Brooks spent two months on an icebreaker ship near Antarctica. This video is a compilation of what she experienced on the journey filmed from the bow of the icebreaker. It's fascinating.

Real Teens Real Time Trailer

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This looks pretty intense! Real Teens Real Time is a dramatic docu-series that will follow teen offenders through Indiana's Juvenile Justice System.