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SUBSCRIBE your own captions for this meme in the comments and thumbs up your favorites!-------------------------Voice of Idiot Nerd Girl:Foxy Lee - htt...

Sin City Week – CineFix Now

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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For comes out this weekend, but before it does, the CineFix team will be LIVE at the Red Carpet premiere, Tomorrow, August 19th at 6:30pm Pacific! Subscribe:'ve also got...

Aisha Tyler Doesn’t Need It

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Subscribe now: Tyler doesn't need sissy things like helmets, mouth guards, or seat belts. As long as she has healthcare.Register now at healthcare.g...

Hitler vs Vader 3. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3.

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Epic Rap Battles of History is back! This time they're pulling out all the stops. Hitler takes on Vader again with special appearances by Abraham Lincoln, Stephen Hawking and Boba Fett. I think these guys are just hav...


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Adult actress Faye Reagan & Dane Cross go deep with Kassem G.WATCH MORE OF THEIR INTERVIEW:Scene Readings: Questions:

Tough Love: The Announcement

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A show about two roommates in New York's third-coolest borough. In episode 4, Blaire can't keep a secret from her brother.Watch more at by: Steven Bell & Nick Douglas Directe...

Giant Chocolate Syrup Slip-n-Slide by Bangakang

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A little summer fun with 52 Gallons of Chocolate Syrup and 200 feet of plastic.  Mmmm chocolatey delicious... well at least until people start sliding and then it's chocolatey-sweaty-grassy-not-so-delicious. Either wa...

“Wherever You Are” – Sam Tsui

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You guys are the best fans in the world! Thanks so much for sending in so many videos of you guys singing and dancing to this and thanks so much for sticking with us on this journey :)We would love to see as many of ...

Can A Stranger Look Exactly Like Me?

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There are 7 billion people on the planet, making it fairly likely that someone, somewhere looks exactly like you! Is there a science behind Doppelgangers? Laci is here to discuss what happens in the brain when we see...

Kid President Throws a Surprise Party for a Retiring Teacher

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Mrs. Flexer has been a teacher for 41 years, and on her final day, Kid President helped throw a surprise party for her with all of her old students. Watch Kid President on The Hub Network! Tune-in Saturday at 7p ET/6...

French open in the rain with Novak Djokovic

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Short break with a ball boy for Novak Djokovic Petite pause pour Novak avec un ramasseur de balles sous la pluie DISCOVER our Roland Garros Channel: to The Roland Garros Y...

How to Plan a Wedding in 10 Steps (The Honest Version)

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Turns out "a lifetime of commitment" is the easy part. See more http://www.collegehumor.comLIKE us on: us on: us on: http://www.col...


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Brooke Candy takes to the streets with her hip hop mission statement. Get ready for the proud slut power strut.

Onward, Etc.

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Part documentary, part music video, part dreamscape - this short film is a visually compelling look at the band Onward, Etc.

Matthew and Me – Old Flame Alight

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If you think you know what you're about to see, think again. A great video that turns a popular shooting technique on it's head.

Pompeii – 1969 / Mad Men -Style Bastille Cover ft. Tony DeSare

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Get the MP3 on iTunes: on tour: out Tony's channel: final season of "Mad Men" has begun, so we ...

SKIP&DIE – “Love Jihad”

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Middle Eastern melodies, rock guitars, deep beats and some smooth flow work with the visual chaos of SKIP&DIE's Love Jihad video. It'll get you moving. Directors / Romy Tielman + Catarina Aimée Dahms (aka Cata....

YG x A$AP Ferg – “Click Clack” (Official Video)

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You Should Subscribe Here Now: Jam rapper, YG links up with A$AP Mob's A$AP Ferg for a new collaboration titled "Click Clack." The track is featured on DJ Radio and DJ Drama's upcoming mixtape...

Trailer Project: Blade Runner

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Made in 2012 by 2nd year students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. Their assignment: To do a 30 second trailer loosely inspired by "Blade Runner".More info on The Animation Workshop here: http://www.anim...

Happy Tree Friends – Ultimate Holiday Marathon

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Watch brand new Happy Tree Friends episodes - Complete Disaster 4 Disc DVD is out now -

Deep Space 69 Unrated & Fully Unfurled Out Now!

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Buy DS69 Unrated & Fully Unfurled from Google Play - DS69 Unrated & Fully Unfurled from Mondo - you Deep Space fans are in for a treat! The first two seasons...

Out Of The Ordinary

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Bachelor film project from The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark. by: Tommy Kinnerup, Atl...

Welcome To Youtube!

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LOL! As people who watch A LOT of video online, we love this! Well done Jello Apocalypse.


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NEW ANIMEMES EVERY WEEKSUBSCRIBE TO ANIMEME your own captions for this meme in the comments and thumbs up your favorites!-------------------------Cast:Mick Lauer

Original Bike Tricks from Tim Knoll

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Think you've seen some bike tricks before? If you haven't seen Tim Knoll think again. His effortless injury-defying stunts make us think we've been riding bikes wrong all along. Are we supposed to stand on the handleb...

Skateboarder Backflips Down 6 Stairs!!! – Adam Miller

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The title speaks for itself.  What the what!?!

Lazy Saturday afternoon with Gizmo

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Fun edit of Gizmo and I on a saturday afternoon, I busted out the longboard and GoPro and went out front for a minishred with Gizmo.You can get your hands on that blue hoodie from WWW.108LIMITED.COM

Something Between Trailer

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A beautifully shot paragliding film featuring the flying of Marvin Ogger, Joel Denzler, Eliot Nochez, Sebastian Kahn, Lino Oehl and Tim Alongi among others. These paragliders travel the world doing death defying stunt...

Massive Toilet Papering Prank

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Download the song in the link below!! song in this video is from my friends band, "Love You Long Time"! The song is called Song of Death. You c...

The Social Revolution – Remember Me

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Devin Supertramp teams up with Remember Me to tease the upcoming video game that imagines a future where our memories are uploaded and preserved by mega corporation MEMORIZE. It's an exhilarating collage. Hopefully th...

Ben Kronberg | Stand-Up Comedy | LIVE @ THE APT

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Stand-Up Comedian Ben Kronberg performs live at apt #1A.Follow Ben on Twitter (

Space Girl: Behind the Robot!

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Lauren beats the crap out of herself! Behind the scenes of the Iron Giant Space Girl episode.Directed by Tom SmallSpecial thanks!Zombie Prez- GafferJackie Roberts - PAAndrew Comedy Liker - PA See more LaurenLauren's...

MarchFourth Marching Band Portland Monthly

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If you haven't experienced MarchFourth Marching Band, watch this then go see them live. You will NOT regret it. Happy 10th Anniversary M4!

GoPro: The Cape Griffons

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The eighth and final of the GoPro HERO3+ Adventure Series.Kerri Wolter and Walter Neser are a South African couple saving a species, one bird at a time. From rescuing injured birds to releasing captive bred vultures,...

Blood Sacrifice in Indonesia (Part 2/2)

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Start from the beginning and watch part 1/2 here: is an island the size of Jamaica in the Indonesian archipelago that has been cut off from the rest of the world for so long that ...