Charles Comedy: Jaguar

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For more from Charles Comedy, subscribe to their channel: short film from comedy duo Charles. A consultant's advice on how Jaguar might better ...

Dave & Ethan’s Dating Game

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Dave and Ethan help a bachelorette find the love of her life (or a one night stand) on their new series "Dave & Ethan's Dating Game"."Rejected Again" by Dave and Ethan - Morning Aft...

Sheng Wang | Laid-Back Carnivores | Stand-Up Comedy

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Stand-up comedian Sheng Wang has a lot of respect for species that let their food die before eating it. <br />SUBSCRIBE for new videos from upcoming shows: for info and tickets to ou...

Blind Date Fedora Prank

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Morchael pulls his best prank yet by dressing his friend Søren in the worst outfit of all time to meet a blind date featuring Nick Kocher, Akilah Hughes, Morchael Gurgory, Sarah Gregory, the music of James Wallace &a...

Michael Bay’s ‘Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots’ Trailer

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Subscribe now: Flaming Lips have sold out. On the upside, they made this totally kick-ass action movie with 'Transformers' director Michael Bay starri...

Good Cop Great Cop: Ron Waits for the Elevator

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For more Good Cop Great Cop, subscribe to their channel: waits for the elevator.<br />Starring Steve Siddell & Paul LaudieroShot by Zac...

Harry Potter vs Twilight Dance Battle – 4K

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I wrote the song with my friend Brenden. We're called Scott & Brendo! Download "Harry Potter vs Twilight" here:<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> (Lyrics at...

Lego Matrix Lobby Fight Scene

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Neo and Trinity show up as Legos to kick some assSpent a while on this one, taught myself alot. This was more of an experimental animation to test my limits of animation, Hope you enjoy!:) Music: Title: Neon LightsAr...

Maddie & Tae – Girl In A Country Song

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Music video by Maddie & Tae performing Girl In A Country Song. (C) 2014 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. (Dot Records)

The Scientific Power of Meditation

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How exactly does meditation affect your body?GET THE BOOK!<br />Written by: Rachel Salt, Gregory Brown and Mitchell MoffitFOLLOW US---Instagram and Tw...

Look at my Nuts Prank!!

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Follow Me and Comment HERE - Me and Comment HERE - Instagram @RomanAtwood ***I WILL PICK WINNERS ON JULY 1st!!*******I WILL PICK WINNERS ON...

Crazy Time – Simon’s Cat

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"A frenzied feline has a moment of madness!"Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! by: Simon TofieldAnimation: Laura NailorSound: ShrootyExecutive Produ...

Chance The Rapper + Hannibal Buress I “NaNa” I $5,000 Video: Episode 1

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YouTube's comedy Channel JASH is giving comedians $5000 to create rap videos. This is the collaboration between Hannibal Buress and Chance the rapper. Is the universe ready for this kind of genre mashing hip-hop-hilar...

Paper Planes – Vintage 1940′s Style MIA Cover ft. Robyn Adele Anderson

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Download the MP3: Postmodern Jukebox on tour: http://www.pmjlive.comThis week, the sultry Robyn Adele Anderson joined us in a quest to find out what MIA's hit rap song, "Paper Planes" would...

Charli XCX – Cloud Aura ft. Brooke Candy (Prod. by J£ZUS MILLION)

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Charli XCX teams up with hip-hop power slut Brooke Candy. It's a lyrical melodic trip down a black and white glitchy memory lane.

The Thermals – Born To Kill

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The Thermals bring back some old school punk intensity to Born to Kill. Being tortured, beaten and dragged into the woods at gunpoint will not stop them from completing this video.

MS MR – Hurricane

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Teen angst takes on surreal physical manifestations in the video for MS MR's Hurricane. Like the song says, it feels like a glimpse into the inner workings of someone's mind.

Solange – Losing You

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Solange explores the township of Langa in Cape Town, South Africa, showing that style and the joy that dance and music brings exists everywhere.


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Subscribe now for more Animation Domination High-Def clips: by: Sean SolomonDesign: Sean SolomonAnimation: Sean Solomon, Whitney Tang, Garrett Davis, Evan Red BorjaEdited by: Nick Reczynsk...

Deep Space 69 – Astro Past Blast – The Full Saga

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Watch all Deep Space 69 episodes - Space 69 T-Shirts -

The Adventures of OG Sherlock Kush – Episode 3

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CHAPTER 3: OG Sherlock Kush and the Bloody Painting Watch here on every Friday at 4:20 ET. <br />Credits:VOICE TALENT: Peter Serafinowicz: OG Sherlock KushRich Fulcher: WatsonCreator: Joseph...


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Take a visual trip through the filmography of the great Stanley Kubrick in this animated piece by Hyejin June Hong.


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An updated theme song for Captain America. World rankings courtesy of now for more Animation Domination High-Def clips: ...


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Artists Quayola & Sinigaglia have created a kind of digital snake as a part of an audiovisual art installation commissioned by Nike. The animation and sound design make the "thing" seem almost alive. It's creepy, magi...

WTF skateboarding tricks part 2 (1000fps slow motion)

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Some serious skateboarding improvisation happens at 1000fps in this video by Adam Shomsky.

Champagne! Champagne! At Stevens Pass

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Feb 25/26th a storm of epic proportion dropped 30" of champagne powder on Stevens Pass in Washington state and it was game on!Rider: Joey Mara

Luge St. Moritz POV

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High Quality video taken POV style of the St. Moritz bob-run on a luge sled from the top during training for the Luge World Cup. The run is 1700 meters long and can reach speeds in the high 80's. The athlete taking...

Zyzzyx Trampwall Acrobats

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A Short story of a fun show called zyzzyx involving our trampwall act only.featuring world class acrobats on the worlds largest stageshot only with a GOpro hero 2all footage filmed and edited by chris purdyfor bookin...

GoPro HD: Kokanee Crankworx 2011- Red Bull Joyride

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Shot 100% on the HD HERO® camera from ‪‬.GoPro presents the Red Bull Joyride, where the track was designed in collaboration with riders at the Kokanee Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival 2011. Brandon Se...

GoPro: Red Bull Crashed Ice 2012 – Downhill Ice Cross

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Did you ice skate this winter? In Quebec they ice skate downhill through the city. Anyone want to try?

Getting Comfortable: Settling Episode 2

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Miles wastes no time getting cozy in Jamie's home, against Jamie's best wishes. Miles hopes his time in Muncen will give him inspiration for a new script.SETTLING is a unique online comic strip following the day to ...

Crack-Duck – A Crazily Chaotic Cocktail (Ep #2)

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Crack-Duck is a depressed, down-on-his-luck duck trying to deal with his many neuroses and social anxieties in a surreal, bizarre world, while also attempting his duties as Apartment Manager of the infinitely tall an...

Redefining Revolution in Syria and the New World Order: VICE Podcast 016

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Check out the Best of VICE here: VICE Podcast is a weekly discussion which delves inside the minds of some of the most interesting, creative, and bizarre people within the VICE universe....

The Do LaB Does Coachella

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One of our favorite groups of bohemian artists/event creators The Do Lab show is a little bit about how they do what they do at Coachella. FYI – It includes a water cannon, acrobats and fire!

VICE on HBO: Episode 10 – The Hermit Kingdom

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Chances are, the first time you heard of our HBO show was when news outlets around the world reported that we took Bad-as-I-Wanna-Be NBA Hall-of-Famer Dennis Rodman to North Korea, along with members of the legendary...