REAL Lesbians React to Lesbian Porn! by Davey Wavey – NSFW

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Do lesbians watch 'Lesbian' porn? Davey Wavey asks some real lesbians to watch traditional girl on girl porn and gets their thoughts about it. Watch and learn.

How To Install iOS 7

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The new installation requirements for iOS 7 are pretty intense, but be sure to follow every step carefully and use the proper number of eggs. A strange and hilarious tech spoof by How To Basic.

The Expendibles 3 Trailer “Roll Call” (2014) – Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li

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Official "Roll Call" Trailer for The Expendibles 3 starring Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet LiSubscribe to CineFix - <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

Hitting REBECCA BLACK in the FACE! (and 40 other YouTubers)

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How to hit people in the face and get away with it.MORE FACE HITTING!! People in Hollywood 2013 GIVEAWAYS! http://fac...

Kittens On The Beat

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Download "Wildstyle" by Savant for free: Savant on Facebook: out our Facebook: Twitter:

UN Home Security

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UN Home Security secures your home just like the United Nations protects countries. DirectorAdam SacksWriter<br />Adam SacksDirector of PhotographyAlex ChinniciExecutive ProducerTodd BieberProducerJulie GomezAr...

Why do Bats Transmit so many Diseases like Ebola?

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Subscribe to MinuteEarth! - please support us on Subbable! -<br />________________________Video Concept and Writing...

My Cat Saved My Son

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For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)jukinmedia(dot)comMy cat defends my son during a vicious dog attack and runs the dog off before he can do additional damage. Thankfully, my son is fine!Question: Why d...


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Daas choir singing Happy

The Paparazzi and Kai Ryssdal chase down Ewan McGregor

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NPR's Kai Ryssdal does a ride-a-long with Paparazzo Giles Harrison. Will they catch Ewan McGregor on film? A fun documentary piece about a job many people hate.

How to Text a Girl

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Rope Swing Zipline – NFL Stadium

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Watch the behind the scenes in the link below! was made possible by Panasonic and Aerial Concepts. Panasonic hooked us up with a bunch of their camera gear that we used to shoot the vi...

Lianne La Havas – “Elusive” (Official Video)

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Lianne La Havas get soulful and sexy in her latest video. Directed by Colin Solal Cardo

Beastie Boys 1987 Soul Train Brass Moneky a Música video

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Beastie Boys performing Brass Monkey on Soul Train, 1987

Caveman – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

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http://KEXP.ORG presents Caveman performing live from KEX Hostel during Iceland Airwaves. Recorded October 30, 2013.Songs:<br />Shut You DownMy TimeAnklesI See YouIn the CityAudio Engineer: Kevin SuggsCameras: ...

Onward, Etc.

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Part documentary, part music video, part dreamscape - this short film is a visually compelling look at the band Onward, Etc.

Cerebral Ballzy – “Another Day” (Official Music Video)

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You Should Subscribe Here Now: is the video from Cerebral Ballzy for their new track "Another Day"The track is taken from the bands 7 inch The City's Girl, which is out on Dave Siteks label "... – Bang Bang

250 Views0 Comments combines hip-hop, dance beats, ragtime and funky moves in the new video for Bang Bang. It feels like a timeless classic but it'll keep you moving.

PERU & BOLIVIA | a stop-motion journey

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Wow! This stop-motion journey takes us literally around the world. Amazing backdrops are made a little more fun in this exotic clip from Timelapse Media.

Canvas Competition Winner Announcement.

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Ladies and Gent's it's the winning entry for the competition we ran.Please help support us on Patreon : me on Twitter : Me on Facebook : http://...

Lavarinth (Bravest Warriors – Ep. 6 Season 1 on Cartoon Hangover)

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Subscribe: Hangover presents the midseason finale of Bravest Warriors: "Lavarinth"In a shocking encounter, the Emotion Lord returns to help th...

The Mr Weebl Advent Calendar | Day 15

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Day 15 is upon you like a sweaty crow.Please help support us on Patreon : me on Twitter : Me on Facebook : my site...


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A few weeks ago, Studio Ghibli announced that they were taking a break from film production. While they haven't made a final decision, it's possible that "When Marnie Was There" will be their last feature film. Anima...

Unimagined Friends

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Bachelor film project from The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark. by: Sascha Altschuler, Lars Hemmingsen N...

My GoPro – Les 7 laux 01/02/12

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De la poudre et du brouillard !! Yihaaa Song : Madeon - Pop Culture⇩⇩ FOLLOW ME ⇩⇩#facebook : : @VP_videos------------------------------------------------------------------...

Backflipping Around The World

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Like the title says - It's one man's journey to backflip around the world.

World’s Most Insane Rope Swing Ever!!! – Canyon Cliff Jump

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Devin Supertramp Graham give us another reason to say "What the f#!k?" It looks like a lot of fun... extremely terrifying fun.

GoPro HD: 2011 Mountain Bike Highlights

151 Views0 Comments - 2011 has been an epic year of MTB and good times! This edit is just a glimpse into what we managed to film, ride and jump over!A massive thankyou to everyone involved, making a super fun season and...

Something Between Trailer

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A beautifully shot paragliding film featuring the flying of Marvin Ogger, Joel Denzler, Eliot Nochez, Sebastian Kahn, Lino Oehl and Tim Alongi among others. These paragliders travel the world doing death defying stunt...

GoPro Snowboarding – Tim Humphreys Handheld Selfie Edit 2013 – Alaska, Superpark, Tahoe, Mammoth

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Hey Hey! Tim Humphreys here with my latest n greatest self filmed snowboard edit!I was injured until mid march, but I still got some good riding in. I start off shredding some Pillows off the road in Alaska on my w...

10 Fascinating Facts About The Ancient Greeks

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10 Fascinating Facts About The Ancient GreeksThe Ancient Greeks were about more than togas and giving the middle finger. Here's 10 fascinating facts about the ancient greeks.Music = Shepherd's Whist...

No Living Here: Settling Episode 28

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Miles can't deal with Brucker's apartment so he looks to another familiar friend for help...SETTLING is a unique online comic strip following the day to day (to day) of post-grad twenty-nothings making due. Check bac...

How It Feels [through Glass] by Google

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This video for Google's Glass Project shows life through an interactive, web connected set of glasses that Google has had under development for awhile. This video was released with the announcement that Google is abou...

We Cause Scenes Trailer #1 – SXSW (2013)

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We Cause Scenes documents the groundbreaking prank collective Improv Everywhere. Chances are you've seen their videos, but you may not know who they are. Be sure to catch the film directed by Matt Adams.

Epic Tow Rope Sledding – GoPro

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The slopes were a bit crowded, so we decided to hit the lake.Shot 100% by two GoPro cameras.<br />Directed, Shot and Edited by: Chris FosterSong: Let Us In! (Come On) by: The Lions Rampant