Couples: The Digital Series (S1, E7) – Fresh Pasta

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Doug and Dana talk food.

Godzilla Director Tapped for Star Wars! – CineFix Now

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Big news in Star Wars Anticipation World today: Gareth Edwards, the director of the new Godzilla film, has been tasked with directing a Star Wars film. Subscribe: won't direct Episode 7, 8 ...

AVERAGE JOE S2 E1 “New Year, Same Shit”

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Joe's New Year's Eve is anything but a success when he brings a drugged out nympho to the party. Meanwhile Andy takes care of a deal gone wrong. Watch the next 12 episodes @ more Fun...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer – Homemade Side by Side Comparison

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"His Greatest Battle Begins!" Watch the HOMEMADE version of the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Side-by-Side with the Original! Subscribe for new Homemade Movies every Tuesday - the final Ho...

Sound Advice ft. Drake

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SUBSCRIBE to Above Average Network: This Video: This Video on Facebook: Advice: Janessa Slater (Saturday Night Live's Vanessa Bayer) is...

Porks & Recreation – The XXX Parody Trailer – NSFW

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Apparently the folks at WoodRocketTV are trying to bring back the proud tradition of comedic porn parody. Porks & Recreation reveals what all of us have thought was going on in Pawnee all along. Yes this is a trai...

Hot Girl with Balls Prank – Spring Break 2015

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Get Break Gear! ►► of Grindr Prank ►► Beach Babe Prank ►► a hot girl in a bikini asks you to rub sunblock on her back, things get a ...

Taiwan Philharmonic (NSO) – “The Power of Sheng” w. Super Mario 超級瑪莉

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Lecture of Sheng - the ancient Chinese instrument NSO 講座「古老、傳統又現代的中國樂器~笙」play by the young Sheng player Li-Jin Lee 現場示範演奏:台灣青年笙演奏家─李俐錦For making audience to get closer to the conc...

Waking up our puppy to his favorite song “let it go”

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Waking up our dog to his favorite song let it goFacebook @adventureoakley<br />Puppy wakes up to frozenDog howls to frozenDog singsAustralian shepherd, named Oakley...

Catcall video goes viral

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Fredericka hosts a discussion on the latest video to go viral.CNN ARTICLE: The director of a video showing a woman being catcalled on the streets of New York has weighed in on the seeming racial disparity of the men ...

Kid President Throws a Surprise Party for a Retiring Teacher

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Mrs. Flexer has been a teacher for 41 years, and on her final day, Kid President helped throw a surprise party for her with all of her old students. Watch Kid President on The Hub Network! Tune-in Saturday at 7p ET/6...

Freshpet Holiday Feast – 13 Dogs and 1 Cat Eating with Human Hands

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http://freshpet.comEveryone! We would LOVE to see your pets and will be giving out some special prizes! If your pet has what it takes, feel free to post a photo or video of them eating with hands and use the hashtag ...

Kimbra – “Two Way Street” LIVE Studio Session

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Kimbra creates a huge sound live on a rooftop with big voices and tiny boxes. This version of Two Way Street was recorded live for Pretty amazing.

James Blake – Retrograde

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The sweet minimalism of James Blake's song Retrograde is echoed perfectly by this surreal video directed by Martin de Thurah.

Lady, You Shot Me – Har Mar Superstar

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This is the first track from Har Mar Superstar's new album Bye Bye 17. The sultry video with an old school flair features Mr. Superstar's soulful voice, retro backup singer vocals, and his usual Ron Jeremy-esque flair...

I Want it That Way – 70′s Soul Backstreet Boys Cover ft. Shoshana Bean

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Get this song on our new album: us on tour: of the highlights of our Wednesday night "Postmodern Nights" residency at Hyde in West Hollyw...

Postmodern Jukebox in LA – Wednesday Nights at Hyde Sunset

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Info about our immersive Hyde show in LA: Watch our online concert on Stageit tomorrow:

DIPLO “Butter’s Theme” ft. Gent & Jawns

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Diplo gets dance-tastic babe-a-delic again in the video for Butter's Theme.

Mondo Guest Pass: MrWeebl – Armadillo

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Armadillo is a song about armadillos, specifically the nine-banded armadillo!SUBSCRIBE for more Weebl ► by Greasy MooseSong and a few tweaks by Weebl

Ginger Orphan Playhouse – Episode 7 of 10

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Subscribe to Mondo -

Happy Tree Friends – Suck It Up Blurb

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Watch the latest HTF episodes here -

Aachi & Ssipak – Chapter 4

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Buy/Rent from Mondo - from iTunes - from Google Play - from Amazon - is released on March 11:...

Trailer Project: Grease

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A student project made by 2nd year Character Animators and CG Artists at The Animation Workshop/VIA UC in Viborg, Denmark. Their assignment: To do a 30 second trailer inspired by rock'n'roll musical "Grease".Subscrib...

World Doctors: Terminal Jobness Part 1 (Ep #13)

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James and James have bad doctor news for a not doctor family.Created By: Bart Batchelor and Chris Nielsen

The Waterlust Project – A GoPro Film Series

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A series of short GoPro Films that explore our relationships with water.Shot entirely using GoPro Hero 2 cameras and the Blurfix lens (

GoPro HERO2: Cats vs. Laser

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FINALLY someone has created an EXTREME cat video with LASERS! I think the internet can finally give itself a tongue bath and take a nap after this one.

Practice Highlights Shot by GoPro

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Step into the action of the 2014 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Presented by Panini with this video shot 100% with GoPro cameras. We placed three GoPro cameras on American Team players Kenny Guiton (Ohio State quarterback), A...

Trials Riding on Killer rocks in Moab – Jeremy VanSchoonhoven

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This video features my good friend Jeremy VanSchoonhoven. He was a finalist last year on America's Got Talent! He is a professional Trial Bike rider.He performs all over the world. And you can book him for an event t...

Water Jet Pack: Get High with Jetlev!

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I'm on facebook and twitter now! :) out http://jetlev.comAt the link you can find out more info on how to buy one or order one for ...

Wave Rock

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Danny Campbell travels to the Australian Outback to ride a 47 foot tall granite wave.

Michael Christmas | Michael Cera | Live @ The Apt

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Boston rapper Michael Christmas performs Michael Cera at Live @ The Apt, a stand-up comedy show filmed live in NYC apartments.SUBSCRIBE for videos from upcoming shows: Michael Christmas ...

Happy Tree Friends: Kirby Krackle – Unlucky

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Download the song on iTunes - the song on Google Play - <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

SXSW Diaries Ep. 5 — Music

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PBS continues their comedic take on SXSW. This time Steve Goldbloom talks to musicians and music fans and tries to find non-existent bands.

They’re All So Beautiful: Episode 1: What is “Yellow Fever”?

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Does "Yellow Fever" exist? An interesting look at men who love Asian women. Part of an ongoing series directed by Debbie Lum.

The Rise of Webcomics | Off Book | PBS

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See what happens when your favorite comics no longer need a printed page. Off Book takes a look at the integration of comics and the internet. The result is familiar but totally new.