Scandal (Tiny Town Ep. 2)

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Ben from Tiny Town is really psyched for Scandal season three.SUBSCRIBE to Above Average Network: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> This...

Commentary On: A Job Interview

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Now that the interview is over, they can tell you how they really felt.SUBSCRIBE to Above Average Network: This Video: This Video on Facebook:


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This is what happens when an 11 year old writes a sketch...Like it? Tweet it: movie SMILEY is now on DVD & VOD!iTunes: http...

Sync – Official Trailer

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Episode 8 is out, and just four more to go! We're proud to launch the official trailer for Sync. Go check out the series - us! -

Cinefix Goes to ComicCon!!! – CineFix Now

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A bunch of the team from CineFix is down in San Diego at Comic-Con this weekend, seeing the sights, playing with the toys, and generally getting excited about all the things! Subscribe: th...

Commentary On: Getting Too High

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When getting too high ruins your party.SUBSCRIBE to Above Average Network: This Video: This Video on Facebook: On Season 2Now tha...

Instant Spa Prank For Moms

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Happy Mother's Day! Please Like and Share this video. Follow me on twitter! @stuart_edge <br />Filmed by Rj Idos and Tanner GordonMusic: Scott & Brendo iTunes:

Power of Optics | auひかり

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光インターネットサービスauひかり Optic InternetauHikari (in Japan)

living with lag – an oculus rift experiment

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http://livingwithlag.comYou wouldn't accept lag offline, so why do it online?, a fiber broadband provider that offers up to 1000 Mbit/s, performed an experiment. Four volunteers got to experience internet's b...

The Evolution of Video Games – Acapella Edition

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The Evolution of Video Games - Acapella EditionA journey through our fondest gaming memories, old to new.Thank you for watching and listening! Comment on your favorites, or give me some ideas what games to put in the...

m͏̺͓̲̥̪í͇͔̠ś̷͎̹̲̻̻̘̝t̞̖͍͚̤k̥̞à̸͕̮͍͉̹̰͚̰ẹ̶̢̪s͏̨͈̙̹̜͚̲ ̛̬͓͟

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LINKS AND SOURCES BELOWFirst and last songs by Zach McCoy CHECK HIM OUT: McCoy on YouTube: music by

Mann gegen Maschine – Ulf Hoffmann Tischtennis Roboter (UHTTR-1)

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German:Nach ca. 2 Jahren Entwicklungsarbeit habe ich mit meinem Freund Michael nun unseren selbst gebauten Tischtennis Roboter soweit fertig gestellt, dass man mit ihm schon ordentliche Ballwechsel spielen kann. Die ...

Merry Christmas Exclamation Point – A Holiday Text From Jon Lajoie

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Jon Lajoie wants you to know he cares about you during the Christmas season. He just doesn't care that much.

Lucius – Don’t Just Sit There (Live on KEXP)

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http://KEXP.ORG presents Lucius performing "Don't Just Sit There" live at the Triple Door as part of KEXP's VIP Club Concert series. Recorded February 11, 2014.Host: John RichardsAudio Engineer: Kris UmezawaHouse Eng...

múm – The Colorful Stabwound (Live on KEXP)

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http://KEXP.ORG presents múm performing "The Colorful Stabwound" live from KEX Hostel during Iceland Airwaves. Recorded November 2, 2013. Audio Engineer: Dana WachsCameras: Jim Beckmann, Shelly Corbett & Scott Ho...

Lo Lo Lo Lo Lohan

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The original video is from Zach's awesome series Workout Wednesdays: Get the track to double your push-up ability:

Nick Hook ft. Color Film – “It’s a Sin” (Official Video)

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You Should Subscribe Here Now: the announcement of new label, Calm + Collect, is the new single "It's A Sin" off of Nick Hook's debut solo album Without You. The tune was written by Hook and ...

Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie (Official) ft. JAY Z

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JT and Jay-Z show us how it's done. Happy Valentine's Day ladies.

Browser Fail – Bravest Warriors (Minisode 3) on Cartoon Hangover

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Subscribe: Hangover presents Bravest Warriors, "Browser Fail"This one-minute short features Danny who suddenly has a hair-raising dilemma. Who...

World Doctors – Evacuation (Ep#2)

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http://jamesgreatestsleeps.com and James use a doctor helicopter to rescue a child.

What if wild animals ate fast food?

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What if animals ate fast food? A simple question yields comedic results in this animated short. What if wild animals ate fast food - YouTube.

Pale Blue Dot

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Carl Sagan telling it like it is, with great animation.

New York Biotopes

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Imagine the infrastructure of New York City where made up of organic moving replicating beings. New York Biotopes brings that dream alive. A great visual daydream by Lena Steinkühler.

Paperman Threesome

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Disney's "Paperman" won the Oscar for Best Animated short, its classic romance transcending all irony and cynicism...well almost. College Humor deftly skewers the boy meets girl tale in this NSFW pitch-perfect parody....

Mud Fight – Mud Wrestling Gone Wild

263 Views0 Comments Check below for all the details on this vid :)My friends company donated all the clothes that were worn in this video :) There website is right above! And they are clothes that I actually like, ...

Extreme Highlining – Insane Heights!!!

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Had the chance to film highlining with the Ford Explorer. Watch the behind the scenes in the link below! had the chance to film a series of extreme stunt videos with Ford! For this video ...

Luge St. Moritz POV

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High Quality video taken POV style of the St. Moritz bob-run on a luge sled from the top during training for the Luge World Cup. The run is 1700 meters long and can reach speeds in the high 80's. The athlete taking...

Zyzzyx Trampwall Acrobats

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A Short story of a fun show called zyzzyx involving our trampwall act only.featuring world class acrobats on the worlds largest stageshot only with a GOpro hero 2all footage filmed and edited by chris purdyfor bookin...

“Tear It Up” Live on the 2Box

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Behind The Scenes - this track - up with Navene K - out 2Box -htt...

GoPro: Lost in Peru

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Join Ali Goulet, Chris Van Dine and Aaron Chase take on epic and at times terrifying terrain as they mountain bike the mountains of Peru.

Ben Kronberg | Sexual Irony | Stand-Up Comedy

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Stand-up comedian Ben Kronberg gives his favorite examples of irony live from apt #1a in Brooklyn. SUBSCRIBE for new videos from upcoming shows: for info and tickets to our next live show:...

Ben Kronberg | Pedophile Freestyle Rap | Stand-Up Comedy

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Stand-up comedian Ben Kronberg raps about pedophilia, taints and everything in between. SUBSCRIBE for new videos from upcoming shows: for info and tickets to our next live show: https://tw...

Phoenix Jones – A Real Life Superhero by Avant/Garde Diaries

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Phoenix Jones wears a bullet proof suit and tries to stop crimes. He calls himself the Guardian of Seattle. The press calls him a superhero. The Avant/Garde Diaries do an amazing job documenting the very complex mo...

Patterns from Sound – Amazing Resonance Experiment!

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According to Nikola Tesla the secrets of the universe lie in energy, frequency and vibration. After watching this video, we tend to believe it. The Chladni plate experiment uses a tone generator, a wave driver (s...

See how easily freaks can take over your life

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It's good to make people aware of identity theft, but this PSA takes things a bit too far. Not only do they steal poor Tom's identity, they go around impersonating him. It's freaky, but it's effective. I'm guess yo...