Captain America (1990) Drinking Game – Extended Cut!

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Join Ti, Philliam, and Noah Galuten for an extended cut of the Captain America (1990) drinking game! Subscribe for more: shield throws! More terrible effects! More drinking!Watch Noah Galuten ...

Commentary On: A Job Interview

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Now that the interview is over, they can tell you how they really felt.SUBSCRIBE to Above Average Network: This Video: This Video on Facebook:

Schmoyoho Channel Trailer

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THANKS FOR 2 MILLION SUBS! We want to thank you all- old and new, human and non-human (robot, plant, reptile, whatever). Here is a channel trailer so you don't get scared and confused.VIDEOS USED-DJ Play My Song: htt...

10 Fancy Words To Make You Sound Smarter by BuzzFeed

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Watching this did make us feel more fancy. Writing about it gave us a pygalgia resulting from a graphospasm recumbentibus. But don't worry we're still fancy.

Commentary On: A Party Hookup

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Lust at first sight? Two people breakdown their romantic fling.SUBSCRIBE to Above Average Network:<br />TWEET This Video: This Video on FacebookCommentary On Seas...

The Future ft. Eliza Coupe

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Psychic-style performer Emily Heller invites celebrity clients to look into their futures.SUBSCRIBE to Above Average Network: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://bit.l...

Old Spice | Get Shaved in the Face

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See how saying "Goodbye forever—I hope to never see you again" to an old friend is so much easier now with the new Old Spice face-shaving machines.

Johnny Manziel INSANE Escape and TD Pass #SCtop10

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Johnny Manziel leaps over a defender, stays on his feet and somehow finds Texas A&M WR Travis Labhart for the TD against Duke in Chick-fil-A Bowl.

Casting Couch Audition Turns Violent – Odd Jobs

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Become a Breaker ►► Toy Tester ►► Plastic Surgeon ►► temp is about to get one heck of a show, as he tries to help his sleazy b...

Devinsupertramp ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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We accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. <br /> sure to let the 3 people I challenged t...

33 Simpsons Impressions

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Facebook:'s Dubs: Channel: <a href="" target=...

John Wall Reigns as the 2014 Sprite Slam Dunker of the Night

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John Wall makes the INCREDIBLE over-the-mascot double-clutch reverse dunk to win the 2014 Sprite Slam Dunk title for the Eastern Conference. Visit for more highlights.About the NBA: The NBA is the prem...

Mavis Staples + Jeff Tweedy – “You Are Not Alone” Acoustic

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Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweedy always seem like an odd pairing, at least until they start to perform. Then all is right with the universe. Watch them do a live acoustic performance of the title track from Mavis' upcomi...

Mac Miller – Gees (ft. ScHoolboy Q)

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Stripped down beats and warped vocals float us through the suburban apocalypse of Mac Miller's Gees. Crazy visuals by directors ILLROOTS/ILLAMERICA. Produced by Chuck Inglish

Blurred Lines – Vintage “Bluegrass Barn Dance” Robin Thicke Cover

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Get the MP3 on iTunes: us make more videos! Jukebox on Facebook:

We Can’t Stop – Vintage 1950′s Doo Wop Miley Cyrus Cover ft. The Tee – Tones

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Action Bronson – “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” (Official Video)

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You Should Subscribe Here Now:'s the new video for Action Bronson's latest single "Strictly 4 My Jeeps." Taking place in Queens, New York, the video stars Riff Raff, pitbulls, big beautiful w...

Wise Blood – “Rat” (Official Video)

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You Should Subscribe Here Now:'s the kinetic new video from Wise Blood, "Rat." And here's a statement from co-director Michael Lawrence: "I took a train to Pittsburgh with two bags, some idea...


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Yoshi and Mario are best friends. Except they're not, because Mario is a jerk.Subscribe now for more Animation Domination High-Def clips: Shows + Make GIFS at http://www.foxadhd.comDownload t...

Commercial project: Wheel Of Karma

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A "commercial project" film made by students at The Animation Workshop for renowned Danish music event Roskilde Festival. The brief: Make something that inspires the festival guests to put the Roskilde spirit of ever...


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Enjoy the romance of Disney without a single pink glittery princess in sight. Just a lonely young man in mid-century New York City who meets a beautiful woman on his morning commute. Charming animation ensues.

World Doctors – Evacuation (Ep#2)

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http://jamesgreatestsleeps.com and James use a doctor helicopter to rescue a child.

Aachi & Ssipak – Chapter 18

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Buy/Rent from Mondo - from iTunes - from Google Play - from Amazon - - ...

Short Short: Out Of Tune

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Created by teams of 1st year Character Animators and CG Artists at The Animation Workshop in 4 weeks.Each team is assigned a quote, mood/emotion, random element and style guides to base the film on as well as a targe...

Party in Perridise 2013-14

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A week of awesomeness at Skydive Perris. December 29th 2013 - January 6th 2014Couldn't have asked for a better week. 40 jumps in 7 days

A Run Around the Sun

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In 2013, I ran at least one mile every day, all over the world. This video is one second from every day.Places I ran in 2013: Sacramento, CAGreen Bay, WIMemphis, TennesseeNew Orleans, LABerkeley, CAHonolulu, HIHalei...

The Social Revolution – Remember Me

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Devin Supertramp teams up with Remember Me to tease the upcoming video game that imagines a future where our memories are uploaded and preserved by mega corporation MEMORIZE. It's an exhilarating collage. Hopefully th...

Modern Warfare – Epic Tower Jump

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I'm on facebook now!! :) don't forget to add my Twitter! :) was made by Devin Graham.The music for this video was composed ...

Skatesailing 2012 Sweden

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Skatesailing on a nice sunday at lake Västersjön in Skåne, Sweden.Skridskosegling en trevlig söndag på Västersjön i Skåne.Made with GoPro Hero2 cameraMusic by: Agony of choice, "Let Me Out".

FreeRunners – SubCultures

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Parkour or freerunning has taken city streets and the internet by storm. Videos of freerunnig wins and fails rack up views weekly and though many of us are captivated by the visuals, we know very little about the peo...

Archeologists – Pilot

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Behold the pilot for the beloved series "Archeologists."

Zach Broussard | Stand-Up Comedy | Full Set

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Stand-up comedian Zach Broussard performs live from apt #1a in Brooklyn. SUBSCRIBE for new videos from upcoming shows: for info and tickets to our next live show:

Watch Your Favorite YouTubers in ‘Please Subscribe’

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This is the first 10 minutes of the feature-length documentary that explores what it really means to be a "YouTuber." My Drunk Kitchen's Hannah Hart appears here, and the full-length film includes Jenna Marbles, Shane...

Google Glass vs. Public Bathrooms

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Get ready for the societal conundrums of the future. How will you deal with the public restroom when the person next to you may be recording everything. Welcome to the future! Thanks Google.

VICE on HBO: Episode 10 – The Hermit Kingdom

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Chances are, the first time you heard of our HBO show was when news outlets around the world reported that we took Bad-as-I-Wanna-Be NBA Hall-of-Famer Dennis Rodman to North Korea, along with members of the legendary...