HBO and Amazon: “In A Relationship” – CineFix Now

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HBO and Amazon have signed a deal in what we hope is the first step being able to watch Game of Thrones without having to sign up for cable. Subscribe: the moment, the deal only covers older HB...

Leaked NYPD Body Cam Footage

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Subscribe now: a new program, some NYPD officers will now wear body cams. Will it actually change their behavior? This is leaked footage from one offic...

Exploring the Cinematic Universe(s)! – CineFix Now Roundtable

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Today, the CineFix team comes together to discuss the major happenings in the movie universe. This week, we’re discussing… Universes! Subscribe: like everyone is jealous of the Marvel Cinema...

PBS: The Movie (PBS Meets The Avengers)

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Imagine all of your favorite PBS personalities were actually superheros (if you haven't done that already). Gritty Reboots has concocted the trailer for exactly that fantasy. Why did they do it? "Some men just want to...

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Trailer #2 (2014) – Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Rosario Dawson

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Official Second Trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For starring Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Rosario Dawson, Eva Green<br />Subscribe to CineFix - Date - August 22, 2014Director - F...

Fruit Ninja in Real Life to Dubstep!

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Ever wonder what the Fruit Ninja is like in real life? No? Well here you go anyway. ScottDW does a great real life take on one of our favorite games.

FIRST SNIFF (First Kiss Parody)

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We asked some dogs to kiss for the first time...

Girl Learns to Dance in a Year (TIME LAPSE)

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Designer Karen X. Cheng learned to dance (I mean REALLY dance) in one year. Luckily for us she documented her progress and has put out this video as a testament to the power of self determination. It's an inspiring jo...

Terrible Singing of the Circle of LIfe

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To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyful.comRingtone my dad made: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">h...

How to Draw a Stick Figure (School of Youtube)

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To DONATE to Comic Relief, go to OR make a text donation by following these steps:<br />In the US, text SOYT to 71777 to make a pledge. Then just click the link you get back to f...

FKA twigs #throughglass

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FKA twigs creates a concept film for Google Glass, working both as performer and director the piece is set to a re-scored version of her songs 'Video Girl' and 'Glass & Patron'. Twigs uses Glass to call upon refe...

17x17x17 Solve – Time-lapse

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17x17x17 Over the Top World Record Cube Time-Lapse Solve!!Full Solve coming soon!Music: SunflowerBy: Topher Mohr and Alex ElenaFrom: YouTube Creator Audio Library17x17 from Aaron MacDonald:

The White Mandingos – My First White Girl (Official Video)

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The White Mandingos (Murs, Darryl Jenifer of Bad Brains and Sacha Jenkins SHR) do their bit for the age of equality with this laid back croon to their first white girlfriend. It's grooving, funny and somehow sweet.

Yuck – Memorial Fields (Live on KEXP)

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http://KEXP.ORG presents Yuck performing "Memorial Fields" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded January 24, 2014.Host: Stevie ZoomAudio Engineer: Kevin SuggsCameras: Jim Beckmann, Shelly Corbett & Justin WilmoreEdit...

Tame Impala – Mind Mischief – NSWF

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Tame Impala borrows a page from Hot For Teacher in their video for Mind Mischief, and then they take it even further. It's okay, a little mind mischief is good for a growing boy.

The Lumineers – “Stubborn Love” (Official Video)

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The latest video from The Lumineers is a sentimental journey worth listening to.

Jonas Alaska – If Only As A Ghost

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Sweet Dylan-esque melodies carry us through Jonas Alaska's new song If Only As A Ghost. The song is sweet plea from one brother to another that is gone. Video direct by Andre Chocron.

Royals – (“Sad Clown With The Golden Voice” Version) – Lorde Cover

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Get this cover on iTunes: Jukebox on Facebook: us make more Postmodern Jukebox videos! ...

Passion Fruit : Hot Cakes 4

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Please help support us on Patreon : me on Twitter :<br />Follow Me on Facebook : my site for looping animations a...

Happier Bauble : Advent Calendar : Day 17

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Please help support us on Patreon : me on Twitter :<br />Follow Me on Facebook : my site for looping animations a...

Happy Tree Friends – This Is Your Knife (Classics Remastered)

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Download "Deadeye Derby" -, our new Happy Tree Friends game.

The Adventures of OG Sherlock Kush – Episode 2

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CHAPTER 2: OG Sherlock Kush and the Invisible Cloak Watch here on every Friday at 4:20 ET. <br />Credits:VOICE TALENT: Peter Serafinowicz: OG Sherlock KushRich Fulcher: WatsonCreator: Joseph...

Moo-Phobia – Bravest Warriors (Minisode 1) on Cartoon Hangover

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Subscribe: Hangover presents Bravest Warriors, "Moo-Phobia"This one-minute short shows an udderly new side of Chris Kirkman. Moove over Catbug...

DweebCast Coverage of Prison Pit

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Thanks to our friends at DweebCast, we have great behind-the-scenes coverage of the Los Angeles premiere of Prison Pit! For more Prison Pit, check out

GoPro: Close Encounters – Proximity Flying With Jokke Sommer

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What could be more dangerous than flying down a mountainside in a wingsuit? How about three guys flying on close proximity down a mountainside. Yeah, I think that qualifies. Jokke Sommer and friends navigate the mo...

Dodgeball – Red vs Blue

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I'm on facebook now!! :) don't forget to add my Twitter! :) Anderson wrote the score specifically for this video. You ca...

NPPL Las Vegas 2011 x HK Army

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Filmmaker Cassidy Sanders, with the RED Epic camera, captures the thrilling paintball action at the NPPL 2011 Final Event in Las Vegas. Set to a driving track by Overwerk, the films smooth slow motion, flawlessly cap...


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Cascada documents the journey of a group of hard core kayakers as they search for the perfect waterfall. Truly epic.

Something Between Trailer

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A beautifully shot paragliding film featuring the flying of Marvin Ogger, Joel Denzler, Eliot Nochez, Sebastian Kahn, Lino Oehl and Tim Alongi among others. These paragliders travel the world doing death defying stunt...

GoPro HD: 2011 Mountain Bike Highlights

194 Views0 Comments - 2011 has been an epic year of MTB and good times! This edit is just a glimpse into what we managed to film, ride and jump over!A massive thankyou to everyone involved, making a super fun season and...

Ginger Orphan Playhouse – Episode 7 of 10

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Subscribe to Mondo -

Terrificland – Hot Tubbin’ (Ep #3)

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Frank and Billy get trapped inside a genie’s lamp.Created by @dandillabough. Follow Terrificland on Facebook: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://www...

Colombia’s Hidden Killers: Part 2/2 (Documentary)

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Start from the beginning and watch part 1 here: Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, was founded five decades ago as a Marxist people's army fighting against capitalist i...

‘The Ghan’ Remix

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A new take on the travel video - the remix. Made by Nick Bertke aka remix artist pogo from footage he filmed in The Ghan.

Life Afloat – An Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Story

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A visual story about balooning, flight and the world's largest hot-air ballooning event: the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Beautifully done. Learn more at Shot 100% on GoPro Hero3+ and Hero...