Sheng Wang | Traditional or Boneless | Stand-Up Comedy

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Stand-up comedian Sheng Wang wonders where boneless chicken wings come from. SUBSCRIBE for new videos from upcoming shows: for info and tickets to our next live show:

Devastated Family Struggling To Cope After Losing Everything On DVR

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Subscribe to The Onion on YouTube: in the wake of sudden, unthinkable tragedy, members of the Talbott family were reportedly left struggling to pick up the pieces Thursday night after an u...

News Roundtable! – CineFix Now

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We're back for another news roundtable! The CineFix team tells you our favorite movie-related news of the week! Subscribe: discuss the big trailers, the big casting news, the big stars, and big m...

Hitting COSPLAYERS in the FACE! – ComiKaze 2014

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How to hit people in the face and get away with it!MORE COSPLAYERS ►► ►► PRANKS ►► REBECCA BLACK IN THE FACE! (and 40 other Y...

Supergirl Coming… to CBS?!? – CineFix Now

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News broke this morning that the previously speculated-upon Supergirl TV show has been ordered. A full series commitment in fact. So, if all goes well, look for Supergirl next fall on… CBS?!? Subscribe:

Things Ouija Didn’t See: XBox Studios Closes, Lady Thor 12 Monkeys TV – CineFix Now Roundtable

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We've once again brought the (actually reasonably-sized) team together to discuss all the news that happened in the movie world this week. Subscribe:'s what caught our attention this time arou...

Lil BUB’s Magical Yule LOG Video

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BUB loves being warm, especially his time of the year. In this amazing hour-long episode, BUB settles into a comfortable bout of fireside napping and purring. It's the perfect way to have BUB join your own holiday c...

Patrick Speaks | Unreported World | Channel 4

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Patrick Otema, 15 was born profoundly deaf. In the remote area of Uganda where he lives there are no schools for deaf children, and he has never had a conversation. Raymond Okkelo, a sign language teacher, hopes to ...

Treadmill Dance

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This guy turns the treadmill into a discotheque. Crazy moves and a great workout.

You’re Not What You Think You Are

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What exactly are you? Check out and use promo 'ASAP’ for $20 off orders of $80+SUBSCRIBE: to follow us below---Written by Annik Carson, Mitchell Moffit and Greg Bro...

Fantasy Football Fantasy – A Manning Brothers Music Video

130 Views0 Comments - Peyton Manning & Eli Manning are back with another summer jam! Following summer 2013's wildly popular “Football on Your Phone #FYOP,” the two NFL QBs rap their way through a FANTASY ...

13 Misconceptions About Global Warming

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Common misconceptions about climate change.Check out Audible: below:For CO2, sea levels, Arctic sea ice, Antarctic and Greenland land ice:http://climate.nasa.govSatellite data shows ...

THePETEBOX Future Loops beatbox Album Track 5 Guitar Loop Pedal – Where Is My Mind?

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You might not think that beatboxing and the Pixies would go together, but you'd be dead wrong. The Petebox shows us how it's done.

Bocafloja – Conmemoracion (Live on KEXP)

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http://KEXP.ORG presents Bocafloja performing "Conmemoracion" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded November 14, 2013.Host: DJ ChillyAudio Engineer: Kevin SuggsCameras: Scott Holpainen, Luke Knecht & Justin WilmoreEd...

Laura Veirs – America (Live on KEXP)

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http://KEXP.ORG presents Laura Veirs performing "America" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded October 4, 2013.Host: Cheryl WatersAudio Engineer: Kevin SuggsCameras: Jim Beckmann, Shelly Corbett & Justin WilmoreEdit...

Talk Dirty – Vintage Klezmer Jason Derulo Cover (with 2 Chainz Rap in Yiddish)

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Get the MP3 on iTunes: list for our TOUR: http://www.postmodernjukebox.comThis week, we decided to find out how Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty" would sound if it was written as a tradition...

Apparently – Songify This

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Noah Ritter had never been on live television before he sang what is apparently the greatest song ever about not having been on live television.Original - us other plac...

Azealia Banks – Yung Rapunxel (Explicit)

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"Danger" is right. Anyone with mouths for eyes, you've got to watch out for. I'm not sure what's in the little pill that Azealia Banks swallows in this video, but it's really tripping me out. This video is a visua...


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In the tradition of Utena, Project A-Ko, Oniisama E, Sailor Moon, Mai Hime, Kill la Kill, and Sakura Trick, comes Schoolgirl Crush! Kim Kimiko is a poor transfer student who discovers the real meaning of power when s...


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The Inside Story Behind Johnny Ryan's PRISON PIT featuring Johnny Ryan, James Adomian, Blake Anderson, Kyle Kinane, Rick Shapiro, Brendan Burch and Eric Reynolds. The Animated Adaptation and Documentary are available...

Short Short: Sheep Happens

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"Short short film" created by a team of 1st year Character Animators and CG Artists from The Animation Workshop, Denmark. Each team was given one month to do their film and assigned two specific styles to imitate as ...

Codefellas EP1: When Topple met Winters – WIRED

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WIRED and Get Your War On cartoonist David Rees join forces with John Hodgman to create one of the funniest series we've seen in a long time. Codefellas spoofs the recently revealed NSA spying with an animated behind ...

Jim Morrison on Why Fat is Beautiful | Blank on Blank | PBS Digital Studios

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Another great episode of PBS Digital's series Blank on Blank. The audio for this animation is taken from an interview with Jim Morrison conducted by Howard Smith that was originally taped in 1969. According to Morris...

The Adventures of OG Sherlock Kush – Episode 2

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CHAPTER 2: OG Sherlock Kush and the Invisible Cloak Watch here on every Friday at 4:20 ET. <br />Credits:VOICE TALENT: Peter Serafinowicz: OG Sherlock KushRich Fulcher: WatsonCreator: Joseph...

Original Bike Tricks from Tim Knoll

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Think you've seen some bike tricks before? If you haven't seen Tim Knoll think again. His effortless injury-defying stunts make us think we've been riding bikes wrong all along. Are we supposed to stand on the handleb...

World’s Largest Rope Swing

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Watch the behind the scenes of this video in the link below! the song from the video on iTunes!!! It was made by "Can't Stop Won't Stop"!

Winter Free Running – Ice Parkour – Ronnie Shalvis

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Ronnie Shalvis proves that parkour is also a winter sport. Watch for the insane ice skating tricks.

Zipline Catapult – Bluehouse Skis

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Fun in the sun with a zipline catapult.  What could go wrong?  

Huge Bike Jump into a Pond 35 feet in the air

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I'm on facebook and twitter now! :) this song for FREE at to CSWS! -

Skateboarder Backflips Down 6 Stairs!!! – Adam Miller

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The title speaks for itself.  What the what!?!

Escape From Brooklyn – Episode 4

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There is no time in Brooklyn. There's only now.CreatorsSue GallowayMegan NeuringerStarringSue GallowayMegan NeuringerBen KronbergMusicBen KronbergDirector Todd BieberProducersSue GallowayMegan NeuringerJulie GomezDir...

Broad City

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While Girls is on hiatus, catch up with the women of Broad City. A great series about 20-something females from Brooklyn. Written and Created by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer

Defending Guantanamo Bay Prisoners

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Clive Stafford Smith spent years working as a death row lawyer in the southern states of the US before becoming the legal director of the UK branch of Reprieve. Reprieve is a not-for-profit organization that has long...

The Rise of Webcomics | Off Book | PBS

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See what happens when your favorite comics no longer need a printed page. Off Book takes a look at the integration of comics and the internet. The result is familiar but totally new.

16 Words We Don’t Have In English

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We take this new video from Buzzfeed as a challenge to come up with some fresh English words. Watch it! It'll only take you a Pisan Zapra (the time needed to eat a banana)