Star Trek Into Darkness New Trailer – Homemade Shot for Shot

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The anticipation for the new Star Trek movie has driven people to great lengths. The guys from CineFix have gone so far as to recreate the entire trailer with household items and no digital special effects.

We Need Love

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The 4th installment of the JUST 2 GUYZ saga! Watch em all or download:iTunes [w/vid]: :

Boring vs. Fancy

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How do you make something fancy? Pleated Jeans shows us how. Tuns out it's not that hard. We expect to see a lot more fanciness popping up after this gets out.

Headache – Teachers Web Series

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For more from The Katydids, subscribe to their channel: no to drugs.Starring Cate Freedman and Katie Thomas.Only one episode of many from Teach...

Fast Food ADS vs. REALITY Experiment

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Why does fast food look so much better in ads than in reality? We returned sad-looking food at McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and Jack in the Box to see if they actually could make their food look like it does in t...


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We showed the trailer for the new Luc Besson sci-fi movie "Lucy" (starring Scarlett Johansson!) around the office. It certainly got everyone's attention! Subscribe:'t seen the trailer yoursel...


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I gathered acquaintances, friends both casual and close, paired them randomly, put them in a void, and asked them to hit each other in the face. No one was pressured, and everyone was hit as hard as THEY asked to be...

Tiny Birthday For A Tiny Hedgehog

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Subscribe for more videos! ► Hedgehog knows how to partyKeep the suggestions coming! Tell us what you want to see in the next episode! #tinyideasCurious about the ingredients? This w...

BABYMETAL – ギミチョコ!!- Gimme chocolate!! – Live Music Video

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BABYMETAL 1st full album "BABYMETAL" available!!Available on iTunes Store worldwide & CD web store.Don't miss it!!<br />[iTunes Store][CD web store AS...

Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos – Episode 1

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Tell us what food you want to see in the next episode! #tinyhamsterideasSometimes love is best expressed through tiny food. Subscribe for more videos!!

John Lennon Auditioning on The Voice by Failuresville

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The editing maestros at Failuresville show us what it would be like if our favorite singers had to fight their way to fame on The Voice. They've done a great job putting it together, so good we can't decide if we ...


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Comedian and actor Kevin Hart visited Manchester City's training ground and scored a penalty past his "cousin", England number one goalkeeper Joe Hart!Filmed on our phone! Fear not, plenty more to come on City Today ...

Let The Machines Do The Work – “Let Me Be The One” (Official Video)

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You Should Subscribe Here Now: debut single and video from LTMDTW is probably the first ever video to be shot at an actual EDL rally. Rather than members of the English Defence League, the Bri...

Pompeii – 1969 / Mad Men -Style Bastille Cover ft. Tony DeSare

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Get the MP3 on iTunes: on tour: out Tony's channel: final season of "Mad Men" has begun, so we ...

ONE presents Elvis Costello and Mumford & Sons – Ghosts of Tom Joad & Do Re Mi Medley

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EPIC! Elvis Costello and Mumford and Sons do a Bruce Springsteen/Woody Guthrie medley overlooking a beautiful river valley. This video is part of a series of protest songs presented by ONE. "Bruce Springsteen title...

Band Of Horses – No One’s Gonna Love You (Live on KEXP)

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http://KEXP.ORG presents Band Of Horses performing "No One's Gonna Love You" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded February 16, 2014.Host: Cheryl WatersAudio Engineer: Jackson LongCameras: Jim Beckmann, Scott Holpainen &...

Mumford & Sons – Hopeless Wanderer starring Ed Helms, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte

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Mumford and Sons are expertly impersonated by Ed Helms, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte. I guess these serious folk rockers have a sense of humor after all. Keep watching for the man-love and the banjo qu...

Marter – Black Hole (music video)

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The video for Japanese musician Marter aka Masateru Yamauchi's Black Hole is an animated "rigorous hypothesis on the origin of the universes." It mixes a wide range of techniques. The music video is the result of a...

Happy Tree Friends – Spare Tire

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Download "Deadeye Derby" -, our new Happy Tree Friends game.


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Flintstones! Meet the Flintstones! They're a homo erectus family. Taking what we know of primitive man, we can see that the Flintstones would be a far different show if treated with scientific accuracy. For example, ...

Revolution ( Life Cycle of a Drop of Water)

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An animated book tells the story of the life of a drop of water. This creative simple and beautiful film is directed by Chris Turner, Helen Friel and Jess Deacon.

Doomed: a biological cartoon!

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El Señor Studio has created a comical and bizarre take on the nature documentary with this truly original animation about species who seem to have doomed themselves to extinction.

Codefellas EP1: When Topple met Winters – WIRED

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WIRED and Get Your War On cartoonist David Rees join forces with John Hodgman to create one of the funniest series we've seen in a long time. Codefellas spoofs the recently revealed NSA spying with an animated behind ...

Mondo Guest Pass: Surgeon Simulator Animated – Heart Transplant

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Made for Bossa Studios for their fantastic Game Surgeon Simulator 2013.Download now on the App Store: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nof...

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skateboarding through nyc with a gopro - details on my blog: http://mareadyphotography.comcheck out my site:

Salomon Freeski TV S6E11 – Not another GoPro edit

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Get your steep and deep winter sports fix with Salomon's new video. Some of the best freestyle skiing footage we've seen. Pray for snow!

Surfaces: A Vermont Skateboarding Adventure

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A down home skating adventure – a group of skaters hit the road to skate every surface the state of Vermont has to offer. They even create a few of their own. Direction/Edit: Ian Durkin Primary Camera: Michael Cla...

GoPro HERO 3 – Riding with Friends

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First ski edit of this season finally out =) This year we are shredding the Seiser Alm (ski resort in the alps) and love it! As you can see the snowpark isn´t ready yet, but we managed to built a little powder kicker...

My GoPro – Les 7 laux 01/02/12

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De la poudre et du brouillard !! Yihaaa Song : Madeon - Pop Culture⇩⇩ FOLLOW ME ⇩⇩#facebook : : @VP_videos------------------------------------------------------------------...

Unbelievable Wingsuit Cave Flight! Batman Cave, Alexander Polli

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Crazy doesn't even begin to describe this one. Alexander Polli threads the needle and by that we mean he flies through a hole in a giant rock face in a wingsuit! Whoa!

Aachi & Ssipak – Chapter 16

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Buy/Rent from Mondo - from iTunes - from Google Play - from Amazon - - ...

Fruit is Not a Dessert – Aparna Nancherla – Stand Up Comedy Live at the Apartment

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Stand-up comedian Aparna Nancherla (Conan) has a big problem with fruit trying to pass itself off as dessert. Performed live on a Brooklyn rooftop. SUBSCRIBE for new videos from upcoming shows: ‪

Egypt After Morsi – (Part 1/3)

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On June 30, exactly one year after Egyptians voted for Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi to become their first-ever democratically elected president, millions of protesters filled central Cairo and town square...

Why I shoot Lights at night

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Visual insight into a cinematographers obsession with capturing the perfect image. By Toby Loc.

Kings of Cannabis (Full Length Documentary)

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You might not know who Arjan Roskam is, but you've probably smoked his weed. Arjan's been breeding some of the most famous marijuana strains in the world—like White Widow, Super Silver Haze, and many others—for over ...