The Breakup Diaries: Last Call

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For more from The Breakup Diaries, subscribe to the channel: Stephanie Jackson & Evan GaustadGet more Funny Or Die--------------------...

Things Ouija Didn’t See: XBox Studios Closes, Lady Thor 12 Monkeys TV – CineFix Now Roundtable

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We've once again brought the (actually reasonably-sized) team together to discuss all the news that happened in the movie world this week. Subscribe:'s what caught our attention this time arou...

The LEGO® Movie – Official Teaser Trailer

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It's hard to believe there hasn't been an "official" LEGO movie yet, but now it looks like their out to fix that. With a pantheon of characters to pull from and a mountain of pop culture LEGO tie-ins to make fun of, t...

Superhero Movie News Roundup! – CineFix Now

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Someone must have heard it's Superhero Week at CineFix, because boy, is there a lot of breaking movie news in the Superhero genre! Subscribe: and Captain America: The Winter Soldier both...

Matthew Broussard | Straight Guy Struggle | Stand-Up Comedy

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Stand-up comedian Matthew Broussard is tired of constantly trying to prove he's straight. SUBSCRIBE for new videos from upcoming shows: for info and tickets to our next live show: https://...

NoDrizzyTine: For Depression Caused by Drake

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Listening to Drake's music can be depressing. If you're listening to "Nothing Was the Same" you may be suffering from Drakepression. Luckily, NoDrizzyTine is here to make you feel better, and more comfortable, about...

Easter Egg Attack Prank

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Become a Breaker for new episodes of Hanky Pranky! ►, Easter treats are left in cute little baskets - but this year, our lovely bunny is going to get strangers' hearts racing with...

The Rapid Packing Container

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Cooper Union's Invention Factory -- Summer 2013The Rapid Packing Container -- Patent Pending( The Cooper Union: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

Don’t Stay in School

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What I learned in school vs. What I didn't learn in school. iTunes: | Bandcamp: can't remember feeling so passionate whilst writing something in ages. I absolutely love ...

Do You Have A Racial Preference?

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Online dating statistics reveal users still have racial biases. Post to Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: to Twitter: Sources:http://...

OLD GOLDEN short film shot in Golden, Colorado 1992

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Small town quirkiness flows in real time.

How Frozen Should Have Ended

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Anna and Elsa's parents just don't get it. Please enjoy our alternate ending to Disney's hit "Frozen".Thank YOU for watching! Click that 'Like' if you enjoyed it. And hit that 'Subscribe' If you don't want to miss...

Deltron 3030 ft. Mike Patton – “City Rising from the Ashes”

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You Should Subscribe Here Now:'s the video for Deltron 3030's post-apocalyptic "City Rising from the Ashes." Video Directors: Eve Martin & Nicolas Bueno (bubbleduchesse) via Genero.tvVide...

Waterfalls – Vintage Soul Ballad TLC Cover ft. Ashley Stroud

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Get the MP3 on our new album: us on tour: our Stageit show on 9/30:

Hoodie Allen – “Cake Boy” (Official Video)

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Watch out, the new Thrift Shop just dropped and it's all about the cake. It's Cake Boy by Hoodie Allen. Directed by Jakob Owens and David 'D-WHY' Morris.

Creep – Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Radiohead Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

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Download the MP3: Postmodern Jukebox on tour: http://www.pmjlive.comOne of the highlights of our recent European tour was Haley Reinhart's masterful interpretation of our vintage arrangemen...

I Want it That Way – 70′s Soul Backstreet Boys Cover ft. Shoshana Bean

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Get this song on our new album: us on tour: of the highlights of our Wednesday night "Postmodern Nights" residency at Hyde in West Hollyw...

Super Recording Orchestra (Super Dance Orchestra)

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Modin – Robot Showdown

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Welcome to the future, where robots have showdowns in the wasteland, fighting over scarce power sources. But the robots may be their own worst enemy. So maybe the robot apocalypse has a happy ending after all. A gr...

Sealife A selection of animated songs by Mr Weebl

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Featuring the extended version of Narwhals!Mr Weebl Totally Out Of Tune available now from:Google Play: <br />

Short Short: Home Ahoy!

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Created by teams of 1st year Character Animators and CG Artists at The Animation Workshop in 4 weeks.Each team is assigned a quote, mood/emotion, random element and style guides to base the film on as well as a targe...

Aachi & Ssipak – Chapter 5

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Buy/Rent from Mondo - from iTunes - from Google Play - from Amazon - is released on March 11:...

Trailer Project: The Graduate

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A student project made in 2013 by 2nd year Character Animators and CG Artists at The Animation Workshop/VIA UC in Viborg, Denmark. Their assignment: To do a 30 second trailer inspired by Dustin Hoffman-starring "The ...

Asian Father – Mothrax Remix

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DOWNLOAD THIS SONG!! out more of Mothrax's music: 'Show More' if you want to make your own remix!If you need any source tracks to this song or...


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A group of New York skaters known as Zoo York (aka Chaz Ortiz, Dave Willis and Brandon Westgate) ride the ultimate concrete bowl - Yankee Stadium.


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Nighttime skateboarding magic!

Unbelievable Wingsuit Cave Flight! Batman Cave, Alexander Polli

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Crazy doesn't even begin to describe this one. Alexander Polli threads the needle and by that we mean he flies through a hole in a giant rock face in a wingsuit! Whoa!

Waimea cliff jump

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Music by the band Love You Long Time: Party Like I Used To. You can download their song off itunes at in advance for subscribing :) ...

The Waterlust Project – A GoPro Film Series

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A series of short GoPro Films that explore our relationships with water.Shot entirely using GoPro Hero 2 cameras and the Blurfix lens (

Dodgeball – Red vs Blue

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I'm on facebook now!! :) don't forget to add my Twitter! :) Anderson wrote the score specifically for this video. You ca...

World Doctors – How to Cure Ebola (Ep #10)

153 Views0 Comments a cover of your favorite World Doctor's Song, post it on and James and James will make a music video!World Doctors Theme Song http://youtu...

Riding Shotgun – Indiegogo Campaign

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Donate to see more of Riding Shotgun! -

Turkey’s Civil Revolt: Istanbul Rising

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Get live updates from VICE here: Friday, May 31, Turkish riot police fired tear gas and pepper spray into a peaceful protest held to save Gezi Park, one of the last green ar...

Jim Brown interview about RIO CONCHOS in 1964

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Football legend James Nathaniel "Jim" Brown discusses his first movie role as Sgt. Ben Franklyn in the making of RIO CONCHOS. This promotional short made for the release of the film in 1964 features highlights of his...

15 Minutes with the President

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Watch what happens at NPR's Marketplace when President Barack Obama gives them a call. Produced by Preditorial Director: Rick Kent Producer: Mimi Kent Editor: Rick Kent Director of Photogr...