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Ben Gets Blazed on 420 (Tiny Town Ep. 7)

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On National Marijuana Day, Ben does way more drugs than he should.SUBSCRIBE to Above Average Network: http://bit.ly/LlHUTMTWEET This Video: http://bit.ly/1t0qM9VSHARE This Video on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1k09PI3Dir...

SO Many DC Comics Movies, Star Trek on Netflix, and Game of Thrones – CineFix Now Rountable

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Everyone talks about the movie news they found interesting this week... But NOT in the same room at the same time. SPOILERS for Game of Thrones at 14:39 Subscribe: http://goo.gl/9AGRmHere are some things we wanted to...

How To Be A Volleyball Player

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NASA Discovers This Planet, Planet Earth, Just Might Be What It’s Been Searching For All Along

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Subscribe to The Onion on YouTube: http://bit.ly/xzrBUAAfter years of launching shuttles, probes, and telescopes to see what the universe had to offer, NASA says it's ready to appreciate the planet right in front of ...

Climate Change Denial Disorder

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Subscribe now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=funnyordieClimate Change Denial Disorder may be effecting your parents, grandparents, or congressperson.<br />Get more Funny Or Die------------...

You’ve been eating bagels wrong your entire life . . .

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You've been eating bagels wrong your entire life . . . so we are here to blow your mind with this simple food hack.HUGS,MURDERBOTMurderbotJarrett Sleeper: https://twitter.com/jarrettsleeperZeke Thomas: https://twitte...

The Scientific Way to Cut a Cake

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Alex Bellos on cutting a cake using scientific principles. Extra footage at Numberphile2: http://youtu.be/d5ZmPuta47QAlex's book (US): http://amzn.to/1nDS4mM and (UK): http://bit.ly/AlexLookingThe Francis Galton pape...

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014 – #MontyThePenguin

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Watch the new John Lewis Christmas TV advert with Monty The Penguin.Click here to continue the story: <a href="http://www.johnlewis.com/christmas-advert" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.johnlewis.com/...

President Snow’s Panem Address – “Together as One” (4K)

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CITIZENS: The Capitol requires your viewing of President Snow's official Panem Address, "Together As One," brought to you by Capitol TV in stunning 4K. Register for Capitol TV updates at http://TheCapitol.PN. Th...

Easter Egg Attack Prank

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Become a Breaker for new episodes of Hanky Pranky! ► http://bit.ly/BreakSubscribeNormally, Easter treats are left in cute little baskets - but this year, our lovely bunny is going to get strangers' hearts racing with...

Piano Works 13

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Dance design and piano combine in this beautiful work by director Julien Martorell. According to Julien "The film illustrates the link between body, instrument and instrumentalist. The moves give birth to a sort of ca...

Say Something – Vintage Jazz / Soul A Great Big World Cover ft. Hudson Thames

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Download the song on Bandcamp: http://scottbradlee.bandcamp.com/track/say-something-ft-hudson-thamesPostmodern Jukebox on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/scottbradleeWhile we were visiting our friends at Wava Studio...

“We Got So High” ~ Jiggabits ~ Official Music Video

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Jiggabits uses her own family home movies in the video for We Got So High. It's an audio-visual trip down memory lane.

Postmodern Jukebox Christmas Album on Pledge Music!

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Preorder our Christmas album RIGHT NOW! http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/scottbradleeTweet us the songs that we should put on the album: @PMJofficial or @scottbradlee

“Beauty And A Beat” (Vintage 1940′s Swing Justin Bieber / Nicki Minaj Cover)

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What if Justin Bieber had been a songwriter in the 1940s? Kind of hard to imagine, but not for Scott Bradlee Loves Ya aka Postmodern Jukebox. They've done a legit big band era reimagining of the Biebs Beauty and the B...

Band Of Horses – Laredo (Live on KEXP)

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http://KEXP.ORG presents Band Of Horses performing "Laredo" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded February 16, 2014.<br />Host: Cheryl WatersAudio Engineer: Jackson LongCameras: Jim Beckmann, Scott Holpainen & ...

Don’t Feed The Humans – Origins: Earl (Ep #12)

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See how Earl was abducted for the zoo in our first “Origins” story.https://www.facebook.com/pleasedontfeedthehumans<a href="https://twitter.com/DontFeedShow" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://twi...


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In the tradition of Utena, Project A-Ko, Oniisama E, Sailor Moon, Mai Hime, Kill la Kill, and Sakura Trick, comes Schoolgirl Crush! Kim Kimiko is a poor transfer student who discovers the real meaning of power when s...

Gritty Police Show : Rescue Whale 2

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Please help support us on Patreon : http://www.patreon.com/mrweeblFollow me on Twitter : https://twitter.com/TheWeebl<br />Follow Me on Facebook : http://facebook.com/weeblVisit my site for looping animations a...

Clip Service – Deep Space 69 (Like, Share, Die)

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Nnnnnnnnnice! New episode on YouTube Thursday, March 26 @ 11am PSTClicky click to see another exclusive Like, Share, Die clip - http://bit.ly/1ENGObPDiscover more Like, Share, Die details here - http://fus.in/1BgsmWl...

Sudden Clarity Clarence – Club Music

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DOWNLOAD THIS SONG!! http://bit.ly/XLdQmoMax's stuff: http://soundcloud.com/john-m-repkaClick 'Show More' if you want to make your own remix!If you need any source tracks to this song or any of our other songs that y...

High on the job

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Reporter Michael Montgomery has covered Pot for years. This is his report on when he accidentally became a part of the story. It's quite a story. Animated by Arthur Jones.

Original Bike Tricks from Tim Knoll

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Think you've seen some bike tricks before? If you haven't seen Tim Knoll think again. His effortless injury-defying stunts make us think we've been riding bikes wrong all along. Are we supposed to stand on the handleb...

Boyfriend pushes Girlfriend off cliff – Insane Rope Swing

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Just so you know, we do not endorse the actions depicted in this video. We just felt like you had to see it.

GoPro: Golf

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How do you make Golfing more extreme? Strap a camera to everything. GoPro gets sophisticated in this golfing adventure featuring AJ Sjostrom, Mike Glennie and Justin Fierro.

Alexander Rademaker: a Short Skate Film

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A skate film by Brett Novak that continues to push the visual and athletic spectrum, featuring Alexander Rademaker.

Zipline Catapult – Bluehouse Skis

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Fun in the sun with a zipline catapult.  What could go wrong?  

GoPro: Kelly Slater 2013 Pipe Masters Champion

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Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera from ‪http://GoPro.com.Kelly Slater rocks a GoPro on his board for the very first time during Round 4, Heat 3 of the Billabong Pipeline Masters.Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusichttp://...

Dick Figures – Das Vidiamond (Ep #47)

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Watch "Trash God" NOW on Mondo - http://bit.ly/1lqe9OCBuy the complete Season 5 from Google Play - http://bit.ly/1jsjxTTBuy the complete Season 5 from Mondo - http://bit.ly/1jQxe1xBuy the Season 5 Soundtrack - http:/...

Charles, by the Way – Rebecca

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When looking for a partner, you want someone who is smart, funny and can protect your most expensive electronics.<br />"Charles, by the Way" is a series of short vignettes. SUBSCRIBE for new videos from the ser...

A Day with a Russian Billionaire

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To see how the .00001% lives, we met up with infamous Russian oligarch Sergey Veremeenko and spent quality time hog-hunting and helicopter-joyriding at his private estate outside Moscow.Watch more VICE documentaries ...

The Man Who Sells the Moon – Op-Docs

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Dennis Hope owns the moon (at least according to him) and he'll give you a sweet deal on real estate up there. By New York Times Op-Docs.

Lazy Saturday afternoon with Gizmo

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Fun edit of Gizmo and I on a saturday afternoon, I busted out the longboard and GoPro and went out front for a minishred with Gizmo.You can get your hands on that blue hoodie from WWW.108LIMITED.COM