The Onion Film Standard’s Oscars Special

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Subscribe to The Onion on YouTube: Rosenthal looks at the Best Picture nominees in this year's special Oscar edition.Like The Onion on Facebook: The Onion on...

5 Monsters That Had to Get Different Jobs

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Find out what old-school movie monsters are up to these days. Please watch, theycould really use a boost :/ SUBSCRIBE: you got it rough? Try finding work when you're a washed-up carnivorousbl...

Spoken Reasons FT. @ONLY1TWO – @JENNA_MARBLES – (Official Video) – #FCHW

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Comedian Spoken Reasons cuts loose with a rap about his quest to find YouTube star Jenna Marbles. And the internet ate itself.

Harlem Shake (Jamaica) – IFHT

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The Walking Thread

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The last few minutes from the season 3 finale of The Walking Thread, it's kind of like The Walking Dead but instead of zombies there are puppets which is like, totally sweet.Subscribe: ...

7 Goonies Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know!

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You've heard that a sequel to The Goonies has just been announced. Before you pre-order your tickets, refresh your memory with these little-known facts about the original! Subscribe: did you t...

Dover Police DashCam Confessional (Shake it Off)

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“Baby Got Back:” Sir Mix-A-Lot with the Seattle Symphony

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Now in its third year, Seattle Symphony's critically acclaimed Sonic Evolution project creates a bridge between the Symphony and Seattle's storied reputation as launching pad for some of the most creative musicians o...

Borrowed Phone Booty Call Prank

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Ransom Call Prank ►► Nice Cars - Dennis Roady ►► Magician Ever Prank ►► Hooker Prank ►►

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization (HBO)

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In the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, John Oliver explores the racial inequality in treatment by police as well as the increasing militarization of America’s local police forces.Connect with L...

B1G Mascots “Shake It Off” Parody 2014

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Big Ten Mascots perform their parody of "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift.

The Reveal to Grandpa

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When my dad found out he was going to be a grandpa. For licensing/usage please contact

Gummi Bears – Saturday Morning Slow Jams

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Get the mp3 on iTunes: song suggestions to @scottbradleeSaturday Morning Slow Jams on FB: Bradlee's FB:

Bigott: ‘Trees Gone Motion’

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Bigott perform Trees Gone Motion live in a pink barbie doll fantasy cottage.

Matthew Caws – Inside Of Love (Live on KEXP)

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http://KEXP.ORG presents Matthew Caws performing "Inside Of Love" live in the KEXP studio as part of Barsuk's 15th anniversary. Recorded November 7, 2013. Host: Cheryl WatersAudio Engineer: Kevin SuggsCameras: Jim Be...

We Found Love – Vintage Jazz Rihanna / Calvin Harris Cover

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iTunes link: Postmodern Jukebox Tix here: recorded this Rihanna cover at Wava Studios in LA using our old school 4 piece lineup, as seen o...

Get Lucky – Vintage Irish Tenor Daft Punk Cover

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Get the MP3 on iTunes: in the day, "Get Lucky" was the premise of every Lucky Charms cereal commercial. As such, we decided to create a traditional (...

Band Of Horses – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

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http://KEXP.ORG presents Band Of Horses performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded February 16, 2014.Songs:<br />LaredoEverything's Gonna Be UndoneWeed PartyNo One's Gonna Love YouHost: Cheryl WatersAudio Eng...

Erik The Pillager – Bjorn The Lover (Ep #2)

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While on a raid with his clan, Bjorn falls madly in love with a woman he knows nothing about except that she hates him and wants to beat him to death with a shovel. Romance is hard for anyone, but especially for a Vi...

World Doctors – Administrative Process (Ep#4)

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James gets his doctor face blown off.

Tuck & Ranger: Coming out tomorrow

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Jim Morrison on Why Fat is Beautiful | Blank on Blank | PBS Digital Studios

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Another great episode of PBS Digital's series Blank on Blank. The audio for this animation is taken from an interview with Jim Morrison conducted by Howard Smith that was originally taped in 1969. According to Morris...


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Every leaf that falls to the ground is on a great adventure. Live life like you're tasting death.Subscribe now for more Animation Domination High-Def clips: Shows + Make GIFS at


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On Halloween you can be yourself. By Penelope Gazin.Subscribe now for more Animation Domination High-Def clips: Shows + Make GIFS at http://www.foxadhd.comLike Animation Domination High-Def o...

Pierre Lelievre & Anthony Finocchiaro’ in INDIA

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Two world class inline skaters take on the wild streets of India. Traveling from Delhi out to the countryside over 10 days the duo take on just about every surface imaginable. Directed By - Anthony FINOCCHIARO

Alexander Rademaker: a Short Skate Film

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A skate film by Brett Novak that continues to push the visual and athletic spectrum, featuring Alexander Rademaker.

Zyzzyx Trampwall Acrobats

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A Short story of a fun show called zyzzyx involving our trampwall act only.featuring world class acrobats on the worlds largest stageshot only with a GOpro hero 2all footage filmed and edited by chris purdyfor bookin...

World’s Largest Rope Swing

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Watch the behind the scenes of this video in the link below! the song from the video on iTunes!!! It was made by "Can't Stop Won't Stop"!

Into The Mind – Official Teaser

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Into the Mind takes a surreal visual look at human beings drive to conquer challenges and attempt the impossible. With beautiful visuals and jaw dropping skiing and mountain climbing footage, it looks to be quite a r...

GoPro HD: Airplane Tail Grab with the Werth Brothers

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Shot 100% on the HD HERO® camera from ‪ the excitement as brothers, David and Billy Werth, race down a runway in Indiana to perform their favorite stunt, the "inverted tail grab". Learn more abo...

Deep Space 69 – Captain’s Flog (Like, Share, Die)

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Buy DS69 Unrated & Fully Unfurled from Google Play - DS69 Unrated & Fully Unfurled from Mondo -

Sheng Wang | Laid-Back Carnivores | Stand-Up Comedy

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Stand-up comedian Sheng Wang has a lot of respect for species that let their food die before eating it. <br />SUBSCRIBE for new videos from upcoming shows: for info and tickets to ou...

Is There Any More Privacy in the World? VICE Podcast 010

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The VICE Podcast is a weekly discussion which delves inside the minds of some of the most interesting, creative, and bizarre people within the VICE universe. This week, we speak with Christopher Soghoian, a former bo...

The Source Family (Trailer)

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There's never been a cult quite like the Source Family - part utopian experiment, part hippie enclave, part sex, drug and rock 'n' roll collective. The "Family" was led by former health food restaurateur Father Yod wh...

Into The Mind – Official Teaser

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Into the Mind takes a surreal visual look at human beings drive to conquer challenges and attempt the impossible. With beautiful visuals and jaw dropping skiing and mountain climbing footage, it looks to be quite a r...