The Only Person Who Can Help Me Get A Bus To Yonkers Is You

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Subscribe to The Onion on YouTube: guest speaker's car broke down and his cell phone is busted. All he needs is $12.45 and he promises to pay you back.Like The Onion on Facebook: http://www.fb...

The Graduation Song – Rhett & Link

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Rhett and Link issue a musical wake up call to all you fresh graduates, complete with costume changes. Be afarid... be very afraid.

I’ll Be There For You

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Known as the most important recording session of our time. In case you wondered how this magic moment from pop culture history happened – well, now you know.

Laggies Trailer (2014) – Chloë Grace Moretz, Kiera Knightley, Ellie Kemper

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Official Trailer for Laggies starring Chloë Grace Moretz, Kiera Knightley, Ellie KemperSubscribe to CineFix -<br />Release Date - October 24, 2014Director - Lynn SheltonSummary: A woman stuc...

Dollar Pizza: Trader Joe’s

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For more from Dollar Pizza, subscribe to their channel: one can stop talking about Trader Joe's.Get more Funny Or Die---------------------------...


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How did a $25,000 bet give rise to the modern film industry? How did Hollywood come to be, well, Hollywood? And where do we go from here? We'll cover 2000 years of moving images in under 10 minutes. SUBSCRIBE: http:/...

Israel/Palestine, Russell Brand/Sean Hannity: Round 2 (The Trews E114)

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Russell Brand The Trews (E114).You may have seen Sean Hannity offering to educate me on his Fox News show. This is my response to his 'education'. Subscribe Here Now: and send links to vide...

Treadmill Dance

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This guy turns the treadmill into a discotheque. Crazy moves and a great workout.

Rafa Nadal: The 2014 #Wimbjuggledon Champion

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Your 2014 #Wimbjuggledon champion.#Wimbjuggledon. It's like Wimbledon. Only less serious. The one rule? The ball can't hit the grass.One camera proof:

The Duel: Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot

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Man against machine.The unbelievably fast KUKA robot faces off against one of the best table tennis players of all time. Who has the best technique? Who will win the first ever table tennis duel of human versus robo...

People Behaving Badly: Moral of the Story

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View full story at

Our food. Your questions. What are McRib patties made of?

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Is it real pork? Why is it that shape? Some of the biggest questions about our food revolves around the McRib, so Grant Imahara and a McDonald’s skeptic are going to Lopez foods, one of our U.S. pork suppliers, to fi...

Breaking Bad Theme – played with meth lab equipment by Andrew Huang

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It appears the internet is addicted to Breaking Bad. Andrew Huang is no exception. He's recreated the show's haunting theme song with items used in meth production. It's an impressive feat and a great way to pass the ...


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What does one piece of paper sound like? Quite a bit actually. All of the sounds you hear were actually made on ONE piece of paper.

Justin Timberlake – SXSW – Myspace – Secret Show – 2013 – Senorita

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As if hosting SNL and a week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon weren't enough, Justin Timberlake finishes off Timberweek by performing at the SXSW Music fest. Not only did he bring sexy back, he also brought back the p...

Team – “Sad Clown With The Golden Voice” Lorde Cover ft. Puddles

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Download the song on iTunes: week, I got a call from the front desk of my building to inform me that a 7 ft clown was here to see me. Immediately recognizing this to be Puddles, the golde...

Cerebral Ballzy – “Another Day” (Official Music Video)

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You Should Subscribe Here Now: is the video from Cerebral Ballzy for their new track "Another Day"The track is taken from the bands 7 inch The City's Girl, which is out on Dave Siteks label "...

Zero gravity “Space Oddity” from the International Space Station – AMAZING!

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Luckily the astronauts on the international space station aren't too busy to get a little creative. Chris Hadfield, the astronaut in charge of the Space Station, has recorded a version of Bowie's Space Oddity while in...

Sudden Clarity Clarence – Club Music

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DOWNLOAD THIS SONG!!'s stuff: 'Show More' if you want to make your own remix!If you need any source tracks to this song or any of our other songs that y...

Football Badgers

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I can't believe I'd not uploaded this before.Please help support us on Patreon : me on Twitter : Me on Facebook :

Time Slime (Bravest Warriors – Ep. 1 Season 1 On Cartoon Hangover)

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Subscribe:"Time Slime"...or be forever stuck in a time loop! With their parents gone, the Bravest Warriors must step up. Wallow connects with a love ...

Happy Tree Friends – Dream Job

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Download "Deadeye Derby" -, our new Happy Tree Friends game.


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Take a visual trip through the filmography of the great Stanley Kubrick in this animated piece by Hyejin June Hong.

Memory Donk (Bravest Warriors – Ep. 4 Season 1 On Cartoon Hangover)

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Subscribe: Hangover Presents: "Memory Donk"These are the facts: the Bravest Warriors are on a bus. Their destination: somewhere. Their goal: ....

Modern Warfare – Epic Tower Jump

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I'm on facebook now!! :) don't forget to add my Twitter! :) was made by Devin Graham.The music for this video was composed ...

GoPro HD: 2011 Mountain Bike Highlights

178 Views0 Comments - 2011 has been an epic year of MTB and good times! This edit is just a glimpse into what we managed to film, ride and jump over!A massive thankyou to everyone involved, making a super fun season and...

Utopia – Ryan Kirtley

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See more amazing sled videos at http://www.infinitewinter.comA day on the mountain with Ryan Kirtley in the Alaskan backcountry. Shot 100% on the GoPro HD HERO2.Song "Cybercop Nightride" by Lion El Aton.


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Timing is everything. That and the ability to walk across a tightrope at sunset in the desert. A beautiful and inspiring moment.

GoPro HERO2: Cats vs. Laser

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FINALLY someone has created an EXTREME cat video with LASERS! I think the internet can finally give itself a tongue bath and take a nap after this one.

The Revenge of the Beasts by Sebastian Linda

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One of the most beautiful skating films we've ever seen. Sebastian Linda tells the story of his personal attachment to the magic of skating through awesome tricks and amazing cinematography. Do not miss this one! ...

MarchFourth Trail Mix Series

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Hit the road with America's wildest, most adventurous and loveable marching band - March Fourth. This is a great series about the lives of some of the most interesting performers around. Thanks to Diggable Monkey ...

Sasheer Zamata | Dating White Guys | Stand-Up Comedy

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Saturday Night Live's Sasheer Zamata has trouble dating white guys with white bedsheets. SUBSCRIBE:<br />FOLLOW: SASHEER:


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This documentary by Joshua Oppenheimer challenged the former leaders of the Indonesian death squads to reenact their mass killings in whatever cinematic genre they chose. A surreal, compelling and frightening film.

Points – The most advanced directional sign on Earth

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Points is an interactive street sign with a menu that updates during different times of day and with different topics. It's a great concept created by BreakfastNY. If they can program it to point to the nearest clean ...

China’s Millionaire Pigeon Racers (Part 1/3)

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Click here to watch part 2: most "nouveau riche" happily spend their new money on shit the old money has already deemed acceptable, China's spoiled young princelings aren't content ...