Grandmas watch Kardashian sex tape

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Hard to tell which has more entertainment value, the Kardashian sex tape or these Grandmas. Probably the grandmas.


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GO HERE TO ENTER: honor of VidCon this week, and fellow Youtuber John Green's book & movie success, "The Fault in Our Stars," we're giving away a FREE KIN...

Drug Deals: Cocaine

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For more Drug Deals, subscribe to the channel: needs coke! Luckily for her, Becky has the best shit in town! Drug Deals is a comedy web series about...

Skootch Comedy: BuzzFeed Intervention

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For more from Skootch Comedy, subscribe to their channel: stops by for a good ol' fashioned intervention.Get more Funny Or Die----------------...

The Lucas Bros | NBA vs. WNBA | Stand-Up Comedy

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Stand-up comedians The Lucas Bros are not 100% convinced that the WNBA can replace the NBA now that the season is over. SUBSCRIBE for new videos from upcoming shows: for info and tickets t...

Little Knockers: Episode 2

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Subscribe now: defensive star D'Vigerous Austin's hold out stretches into the second week of camp, newcomer Timmy Kowalski's antics on social media are...

VINE Compilation – Best Vines – JUNE 2014 #2

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VINE Compilation - Best Vines - JUNE 2014 #2Best Vines Compilation June 2014 #1 is here! <br />Check out our Best of Liane V Compilation: & SHARE if you loved...

Best Vine Trick Shots 2013 Compilation | Brodie Smith

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The Best Vine Trick Shots from Brodie Smith in 2013Christmas Specials!!!My Store: http://BSmith21.comFollow me on Vine & Instagram:Vine - Brodie SmithInstagram - @BrodieSmith21Subscribe to my channel: http://yout...

If Women’s Roles In Ads Were Played By Men

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"More than a piece of meat."Post to Facebook: BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

Trick Shots (ft. Dude Perfect)

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Nine different trick shots in a row.Thanks to Dude Perfect, the world's greatest trick shot artists. Check out their channel and subscribe to them at to Lunchables Uploaded for ma...

Anchovy school at Scripps Pier, July 8, 2014

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An aggregation of anchovy amassed near Scripps Pier at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego in La Jolla, Calif. on July 8, 2014. Footage from Scripps Pier by Scripps staff and underwater by Scripps gradu...

Adults Try 5th Grade Math

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Can you remember how to do fractions?Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: and JoeLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.GET MORE

Livin’ on a Prayer – Vintage Jazz Bon Jovi Cover ft. Miche Braden

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Get this cover on iTunes: Jukebox tix: Braden (from our "Sweet Child O' Mine" cover) was in town, so she stopped by to lend her ...

Postmodern Jukebox One Take 2013 Mashup: Just Another Day at the Office

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Join PMJ on Patreon: couple weeks ago, we took over Cosmopolitan's NYC offices to record a medley of 2013 hits- done Postmodern Jukebox st...

Patterns – “Sunny Days” (Official Video)

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You Should Subscribe Here Now:"Sunny Days" is the first single off Costa Rica's Patterns' debut, 'Dangerous Intentions.'The single was launched locally in October 2012 and has since charted at #1...

Soft Metals – In the Air (Live on KEXP)

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http://KEXP.ORG presents Soft Metals performing "In The Air" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded November 29, 2013.<br />Host: Dj SharleseAudio Engineer: Kevin SuggsCameras: Scott Holpainen, Tim Meinig & Morg...

Ravi Shankar on the Dick Cavett Show

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R.I.P. Ravi Shankar, he was an incredible influence on the music of the world.

Dark Horse – “Gothic R&B / James Bond”- style Katy Perry Cover ft. Ashley Stroud

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Get the mp3 on iTunes: seeing Katy Perry's gothic staging of "Dark Horse" at the Grammys, I brought in Ashley Stroud (from our 2013 mashup video) to join us for this remake - one that com...

Realistic Football Badgers

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This is a bit more true to life.Please help support us on Patreon : me on Twitter : Me on Facebook : my site for ...


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Not every cat looks strange, can do a trick, or be famous. Our friend from Depressed Song returns with her regular, okay cat. And there's nothing wrong with that.Subscribe now for more Animation Domination High-Def c...


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It's a Korean cultural throw down! Psy vs Kim Jong Un, north vs south, chubby iconoclast vs. chubby dictator. This is going to be good! ANIMEME RAP BATTLES Created and Hosted by Alex Negrete

Dick Figures The Movie – Chapter 11 of 12

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Buy/Rent DFTM from Mondo - DFTM from iTunes - DFTM from Google Play - DFTM from Amazon -

World Doctors – Field Transfusion (Ep#3)

76 Views0 Comments and James perform an emergency doctor surgery.

Paramore – Anklebiters // Official Video

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Paramore rocks it out on this hand drawn ode to Pac-Man, collage monsters and doodling in general. It's like looking through a great artist's journal from junior high. Directed by Jordan Bruner Animated by Jorda...

The Social Revolution – Remember Me

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Devin Supertramp teams up with Remember Me to tease the upcoming video game that imagines a future where our memories are uploaded and preserved by mega corporation MEMORIZE. It's an exhilarating collage. Hopefully th...

Homemade Fireworks – Great balls of fire

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Download the song on iTunes :) was done by my friend Stephen AndersonYou can check out Stephens iTunes link below, where you can buy this song, and al...

Epic Tow Rope Sledding – GoPro

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The slopes were a bit crowded, so we decided to hit the lake.Shot 100% by two GoPro cameras.<br />Directed, Shot and Edited by: Chris FosterSong: Let Us In! (Come On) by: The Lions Rampant

Extreme Highlining – Insane Heights!!!

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Had the chance to film highlining with the Ford Explorer. Watch the behind the scenes in the link below! had the chance to film a series of extreme stunt videos with Ford! For this video ...

Paper Shredder – Stop Motion Snowbard Film

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Paul Gemignani proves the winter never has to end in this incredibly creative stop motion snowboard film.

My GoPro – Les 7 laux 01/02/12

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De la poudre et du brouillard !! Yihaaa Song : Madeon - Pop Culture⇩⇩ FOLLOW ME ⇩⇩#facebook : : @VP_videos------------------------------------------------------------------...

10 Embarrassing Technological Failures

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10 Embarrassing Technological FailuresGadgets are meant to make our lives better...if they work. Check out 10 embarrassing technological failures.Click to Subscribe.. else to find All Time 1...

Aachi & Ssipak – Chapter 10

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Buy/Rent from Mondo - from iTunes - from Google Play - from Amazon - is released on March 11:...

Steve Buscemi Meets the Band – EP 1 (Vampire Weekend – Amex UNSTAGED)

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Steve Buscemi is related to Vampire Weekend?! How cool... and awkward - really, really awkward. Steve even gets in on the act. A funny and heartfelt encounter.

Epic Powder Day in Steamboat with GoPro Hero2!

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We got fourty inches in about 36 hours! Thanks to GoPro we can share this day with the world.

a few weeks in Peru

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a few weeks in Peru is a colorful hypnotic journey that will have you reaching for your passport.  Enjoy the ride.