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Amazon’s Evil Drone Delivery Service

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In the future mindless drones will patrol the skies... delivering packages in record time. Oh the Horror! Yes this is a REAL service Amazon is planning to offer. From Amazon's YouTube post: "We're excited to ...

Space Girl: Belly Of The Beast!

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Swallowed by the Iron Giant, Space Girl battles robot spiders!Please subscribe! PREVIOUS EPISODE: <a

ANIME DOCTOR WHO! – Timey Wimey Awesome – Geek Week

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Ever wonder what Doctor Who would be like as a vintage anime? Well you're in luck, because Rug Burn gives

‘Star Drunk,’ a film by drunk people

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What happens when drunk writers collaborate on a sci-fi script for drunk actors? Watch and be amazed. I actually think more movies should be made this way.   Directed by Chris R Wilson and Zach Persson ...

AMP – Sci-fi rebels and fighting robots

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In the future large corporations will try to control all technology and brilliant, scrappy rebels will have to rely on their wits, and their fighting robots, to fend them off. Writer/Director Adam Marisett borrows a p...

BEYOND – an amazing sci fi short film

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This amazing sci-fi short film follows the travels of the last member of a family whose unique genetic makeup allow them to leap through space and time, defying temporal and spacial boundaries. This could be the begin...

Star Wars Speed Dating by World of Heroes

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Think the Star Wars Universe is getting a little too complicated? Try dating in the Star Wars Universe. Suddenly a long geeky conversation with George Lucas doesn't seem so bad.

THE FINAL MOMENTS OF KARL BRANT Starring Paul Reubens (Pee-wee Herman)

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Set in the near future where experimental technology allows two detectives to bring a murder victim back to life in

Star Wars – “Death Star Trench Run” – Homemade w/ Chris Hardwick from Nerdist

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Homemade Movies and the Nerdist join forces to create one of the greatest homemade spoofs of one of the greatest sci-fi films ever made. This is a lot of fun and Homemade Movies never ceases to amaze us with their ...

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

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What if William Shakespeare had written Star Wars? It seems fairly plausible, especially after watching this sketch comedy mash up by Quirk Books. In fact I'm pretty sure iambic pentameter would help Yoda make a lot m...

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