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‘Star Drunk,’ a film by drunk people

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What happens when drunk writers collaborate on a sci-fi script for drunk actors? Watch and be amazed. I actually think more movies should be made this way.   Directed by Chris R Wilson and Zach Persson ...

I Forgot My Phone by Charlene deGuzman

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It's funny and sad because it's so true. Actress, comedian and all around interesting person Charlene deGuzman has released a comedic and surprisingly insightful film about our preoccupation with our phones. It hits p...

AMP – Sci-fi rebels and fighting robots

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In the future large corporations will try to control all technology and brilliant, scrappy rebels will have to rely on their wits, and their fighting robots, to fend them off. Writer/Director Adam Marisett borrows a p...

BEYOND – an amazing sci fi short film

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This amazing sci-fi short film follows the travels of the last member of a family whose unique genetic makeup allow them to leap through space and time, defying temporal and spacial boundaries. This could be the begin...

Epic Chick Fight (Live Action Chicken Fight)

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Remember the epic chicken fight from The Family Guy? Well two badass stunt women have reenacted it in real life. Why? Because they're awesome! Why else? Stunt women Jessie Graff and Tree O'Toole.

THE FINAL MOMENTS OF KARL BRANT Starring Paul Reubens (Pee-wee Herman)

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Set in the near future where experimental technology allows two detectives to bring a murder victim back to life in

A Lunch Break Romance by Danny Sangra

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The story of a lunchtime almost romance written and directed by Danny Sangra. We wish we could say this doesn't seem extremely familiar. If only we were Italian.

Die Antwoord – “Cookie Thumper” (Official Video)

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Die Antwoord's latest expedition to planet strange comes in the from of a short film/music video directed by Ninja.  YO-LANDI VI$$ER is a cute young ORPHAN GIRL who has a big crush on a bad-ass GANGSTER BOY called ANI...

Dr. Easy by SHYNOLA

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A robot negotiator is the most human part of this futuristic police drama. This film is a prologue to a planned feature adaptation of 'The Red Men'. Written and directed by Jason Groves, Richard Kenworthy and Chris...


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PERIODS. Films takes on New York City circa 1983 when apparently everything ran on cocaine. It's a fast paced POV ride through the age of popped collars and hair gel. Just watch out for the funny white powders. CAS...

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