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Tis the season for freaky Santas – SantaCon 2013

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Hundreds of Santas invade New York! It must be SANTACON, an annual gathering of fun freaky people who want to dress like St. Nick. You better watch out!

Local Newsreporter’s Bear Safety Video – LOL!

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This local news reporter provides a valuable service for all of us.  

New Star Wars Preview! C-3P0 RAPS, SELLS OUT

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We can only assume this is a precursor to the Star Wars reboot a la Disney. Sadly they already have C-3PO and R2-D2 rapping and selling (what else) space! Yes apparently Disney has found a way to divvy up the vacuum t...

FaceMashups: Will Ferrell & Natalie Portman

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If you haven't seen FaceMashups yet, brace yourself. It's weird. It's funny. It's bizarre. We... can't... stop... watching! Check out all of their insane genius. You will never be the same.

Techno Viking

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What is happening here? Is Techno Viking a superhero? A mythical creature? A God? Or are all German rave parades like this? This is almost too amazing to be real. Apparently we not the only ones who feel that way....

Would You Eat Breast Milk Ice Cream? by BuzzFeed

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Have extra breast milk lying around? Don't we all? Why not make ice cream out of it? Seriously, BuzzFeed shows you how. This doubles as a great way to get babies hooked on sweets. Enjoy!

How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus with John McAfee!

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The last time we heard from John McAfee he was accused of murdering his next door neighbor in Belize, escaped to Guatemala, faked a heart attack and resurfaced in the US. Now, apparently, he's also making a bid to be ...

How To Install iOS 7

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The new installation requirements for iOS 7 are pretty intense, but be sure to follow every step carefully and use the proper number of eggs. A strange and hilarious tech spoof by How To Basic.

FaceMashups: Jack Nicholson & Tom Cruise

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What are Face Mashups? Take a face. Mash it onto another face. Simple right? Not at all freak, weird and mind altering... right? Check out more genius facemashing on the FaceMashups YouTube page.

STAR TREK Theme Song by the Harp Twins – Camille and Kennerly

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The Harp Twins Camille and Kennerly do such a convincing job in this surreal video that for a moment we thought we were watching a lost scene from the original series. All they need is Captain Kirk to walk in, break t...

Tanning Mom Music Video “It’s Tan Mom!”

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This video is our official entry to the "Most Disturbing Music Video Ever" Contest that began when we saw this video. I think we have a winner!

HONK by Felix Colgrave

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Felix Colgrave animates this story of pigeons french fries and a mystical hungry bum.


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Artists Quayola & Sinigaglia have created a kind of digital snake as a part of an audiovisual art installation commissioned by Nike. The animation and sound design make the "thing" seem almost alive. It's creepy, magi...

Paint Your Teeth – An Introduction to the Tokyo Underground

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PAINT YOUR TEETH is a live event that celebrates the shocking and bizarre underground art scene in Tokyo. This short documentary explores that scene. It's weird, wild and inspiring. Viewer discretion is advised. ...


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The Daily Dot has started a race for the Worst Music Video Ever. Not surprisingly there are a lot to chose from. So far this is our favorite. It's electronic AND supersonic.

The Flaming Lips & Bon Iver – Ashes In The Air

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Cellophane space men, man faced babies and lots and lots of sparkles – Bon Iver and the Flaming Lips get pretty out there in this video for their collaboration on Ashes in the Air.

The Beach Boys Shred I Get Around

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This must have been a very early take.

My Girl’s Got A Cool Haircut (Thomas Middleditch)

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I'm not sure what to make of this video, but I can't look away and I'm really dying to see his girlfriend's haircut.

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