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ASMR Crinkle Bags!!

A few weeks ago we heard a story on public radio show This American Life that we haven’t been able to shake.

The reporter has a condition called ASMR, which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. She describes it as an intense tingly sensation, starting in the head and reverberating down the neck, triggered by getting a haircut or manicure, listening to someone whispering, or watching someone demonstrate and narrate a task like folding clothes.

Triggers are different for everybody, but what makes ASMR more than just a “nice feeling” is that the tickly response is powerful enough to induce a deep, ecstatic trance-like state.

We know, it sounds sexual, or at least fetishy, but most folks with ASMR swear the feeling is much more closely related to being drugged than titillated. (And anyone who’s attempted to have sex while really really stoned knows that these are very different states of being.)

Many adult ASMRers report discovering their gift as kids stumbling upon TV shows like Bob Ross (the fluffy clouds painter guy) or Home Shopping Network. They had to rely on the whims of ‘80s television programming — or a friend to randomly whisper in their ear — to experience the massive tingles. Many felt like freaks and kept their superpowers a secret.

Now, thanks to the internet, ASMRers know they’re not alone. There are over 22,000 subscribers to the ASMR section of Reddit, an ASMR video app has been released and a YouTube community now creates and consumes thousands of videos made to elicit the blissed-out ASMR response. Common themes for videos are role playing haircuts, crinkling plastic bags, jewelry clinking, and lots and lots of light-accented whispering. The queen of ASMR YouTube videos is GentleWhispering, with 27 million video views and 90,000 subscribers. VICE published an in-depth ASMR piece featuring an interview with GentleWhispering.

Here’s a playlist of some ASMR videos so you can find out if you have just run-of-the-mill scalp tingles, full-blown ASMR, or if watching Ramen noodles get caressed just happens to be your thing.

*_* Oh such a good 3D-sound ASMR video *_*

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