Beck - Hello Again 360 Experience

We may seem a little Beck obsessed lately. Don’t worry, it’s just because… we are. It’s easy to be obsessed with the chameleon/musician/performer these days. After redefining what it means to release an “album” with his Song Reader, he’s forged on to redefine how we watch and interact with a live performance.  Beck teamed up with Director Chris Milk to create an immersive viewing and listening experience.  They started with the idea of covering David Bowie’s Sound and Vision.  To do it they collaborated with 170 musicians and singers performing in the round.  The performance was filmed with three 360 degree cameras and recorded with binaural microphones.  The result is a live performance you can steer around as if you were there in the audience.

But wait there’s more!

The interface that has been created to view the show will react to the motions of your head via webcam so that as you look to the left or right the 360 camera tracks with you.  There are also a couple mind-boggling features (small planet view and blackhole view) that could only be possible with this kind of 360 recording.

Put on a good set of headphones and be warned – once you start watching Hello Again it’s very hard to stop, and once you’ve seen it once you kind of have to see it again… from a new angle… with different sound… in small planet view… etc.