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The Best and Worst Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Stop” Parodies

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The official video for Miley Cyrus' song We Can't Stop is so strange it almost seems like a parody itself. You'd think the internet might just slow clap and say "Good show Hanna Montana." But no, and thanks goodness f...

Zach Braff helps me propose to my girlfriend

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It doesn't get much cuter (or more viral) than this - Zach Braff, wedding proposal, cute bunnies. All they need is a kickstarter to pay for the wedding and they'll win an internet gold medal! Pass it along. Warm fuzzi...


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SoulPancake takes the novel approach of asking people for the good news in their lives. It's simple, kind of silly, but very effective. This will really put a smile on your face.

Dozde Bastani (w/English subtitles)

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A young boy is caught by his father trying to "see if the popsicles were melting." What can we say? It's just really cute.


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A psychedelic trip to the store with a couple of furry reindeer. What could be better? Director Will Kindrick's style shines through in this video for Postino's I Love It. Directed by: Will Kindrick Cinematograp...

Don’t Let Me Down – The Beatles, for Diogo Mello (1 year 11 months)

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A father and his almost 2-year-old son do an adorable cover of The Beatles Don't Let Me Down. I think Ringo, Paul, John and George would approve.

More Than Just a Hobby by Animade

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Even cute little animated cowboys have problems... that become even bigger problems. The latest in the adorable and dangerous Ready Steady Bang series by Animade.


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A cut animation about how meaningful it is to make food for someone you love and the unconditional love dogs give humans. For all of you dog and omelette lovers out there.

Convos With My 2 Year Old – EPISODE 1 by Matthew Clarke

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Matthew Clarke reenacts actual conversations he's had with his 2 year old daughter. His daughter is, of course played by another full grown man.  It's funny and strange and, if you're a parent, all too familiar. Cr...

George Carlin Performed by a 6 Year Old

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Classic Comedy by Kids takes the daring step of having a 6-year-old perform some of George Carlin's material. I had no idea George Carlin had this many clean jokes.


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This raises the bar on all birthday presents now and forever. A wife flawlessly re-creates several famous TV show opening themes for her hubby's birthday. Now that's love. Happy Birthday Oren!

Screen Grab – Simon’s Cat

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Simon's Cat and his little friend discover the television with cute and disastrous results. A ridiculously adorable animated series by Simon Tofield. Check out the whole Simon's Cat universe on their website.

ONE BABY BAND! (part 2)

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Joey Angerone does another great job of turning his baby's musical and non-musical musings into a song. Expect Trent Reznor to cover this on his next album.

Bring Your Own Big Wheel

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Just like every other day of the year, San Francisco does Easter in it's own way. In this case in costumes on big wheels. Ronnie Allman captures all the fun. Look for us in a bunny suit on a Green Machine next year.

Atlas Genius – Trojans

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Atlas Genius song Trojans gets a cute and colorful stop-motion treatment by animator Tyler Nicolson. It's everything we imagined playing with play-dough could be and more.


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Cute kids, wind up toys, slow motion - sometimes the simple things in life are all you need.

The Moonwalking Pony

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Fleetwood Mac - check! Moonwalking pony - check! This ad has it all. Plus you can create your own pony mash up at PonyMixer.com. Genius!

The True Story of Kid President

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Every day we love Kid President a little bit more. This is the moving story behind Soulpancake's heartwarming series.

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