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Kai Ryssdal Freaks Out At the American Girl Store

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Doll ear piercings? Doll tea? Doll food? Wait, what? Produced by Preditorial http://preditorial.tv Director: Rick Kent Producer: Mimi Kent Director of Photography: Anton Seim Editor: Zachary Rockwood Music:"Ru...

The Paparazzi and Kai Ryssdal chase down Ewan McGregor

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NPR's Kai Ryssdal does a ride-a-long with Paparazzo Giles Harrison. Will they catch Ewan McGregor on film? A fun documentary piece about a job many people hate.

Amazon’s Evil Drone Delivery Service

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In the future mindless drones will patrol the skies... delivering packages in record time. Oh the Horror! Yes this is a REAL service Amazon is planning to offer. From Amazon's YouTube post: "We're excited to ...

Rock and Roll Heart — Lou Reed Documentary American Masters

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Rock and Roll Heart traces Lou Reed's career from the formation of the Velvet Underground to rock icon to his more recent artistic endeavors. Includes lots of rare and vintage footage along with interviews with David ...

Kurt Cobain on Identity | Blank on Blank | PBS Digital Studios

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Kurt Cobain interviewed and animated by PBS Digital Studios. "I even thought that I was gay. I thought that might be the solution to my problem." - Kurt CobainInterview by Jon SavageJuly 22, 1993. Cassette ...

Real Teens Real Time Trailer

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This looks pretty intense! Real Teens Real Time is a dramatic docu-series that will follow teen offenders through Indiana's Juvenile Justice System.

Teehan+Lax Hack Day

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What happens when developers, project managers, strategists and and designers are all put into a room together with Arduino software, USB cables and Grove kits? We found out, and called it Teehan+Lax Hack Day.

Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial by The Fine Brothers

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The Fine Brothers use their trademark reaction video format to talk about big issues, as illuminated by children and Cheerios commercials. This is a beautiful and insightful look into a controversy that just doesn't m...

How the Tesla Model S is Made by WIRED

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How is the car of the future made? Wired takes a fascinating look at the manufacturing of the Tesla Model S. It's a collaboration between designers, robots and human workers that results in one of the coolest cars aro...

The Revenge of the Beasts by Sebastian Linda

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One of the most beautiful skating films we've ever seen. Sebastian Linda tells the story of his personal attachment to the magic of skating through awesome tricks and amazing cinematography. Do not miss this one! ...

See how easily freaks can take over your life

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It's good to make people aware of identity theft, but this PSA takes things a bit too far. Not only do they steal poor Tom's identity, they go around impersonating him. It's freaky, but it's effective. I'm guess yo...

The First Time on Google Glass

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Google did all they could to hype their new product, the not quite glasses super technological headband known as Google Glass. They released slick promotional videos and had people jump out of airplanes. But now that ...

Phoenix Jones – A Real Life Superhero by Avant/Garde Diaries

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Phoenix Jones wears a bullet proof suit and tries to stop crimes. He calls himself the Guardian of Seattle. The press calls him a superhero. The Avant/Garde Diaries do an amazing job documenting the very complex mo...


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SoulPancake takes the novel approach of asking people for the good news in their lives. It's simple, kind of silly, but very effective. This will really put a smile on your face.

Wale In The Studio With Jerry Seinfeld

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So apparently Jerry Seinfeld and hip hop artist Wale are friends. In fact Wale asked Seinfeld to come in to the studio to help wrap up his new album The Gifted with (what else?) "The Outro About Nothing." Then I suppo...

Why Tea Is Better Than Coffee by BuzzFeed

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Tea gets all up in coffee's grill with the help of BuzzFeed and some hilarious voice over by Andrew Illnyckyj. There's clearly a lot none of knew about tea and coffee. Including tea's desire to make coffee it's bitch....

Google+ Hangouts – Same sex marriage

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With great power comes great responsibility. Google has taken this credo seriously when it comes to marriage equality. They've gone so far as to create a platform that has facilitated marriage for gay couples all acro...

Would You Eat Breast Milk Ice Cream? by BuzzFeed

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Have extra breast milk lying around? Don't we all? Why not make ice cream out of it? Seriously, BuzzFeed shows you how. This doubles as a great way to get babies hooked on sweets. Enjoy!

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