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Anchorman 2 Gag Reel – Almost as funny as the movie

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Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, David Koechner and the rest of the cast of Anchorman 2 prove that they bring the funny even when it ends up on the cutting room floor.

Anchorman – 8 Bit Cinema!

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Ron Burgundy get's the 8-bit treatment in this clip from CineFix. I wonder if they'll feature this in the sequel. Does Anchorman 2 take place after the invention of video games? Or does this represent a kind of entert...

Star Wars – “Death Star Trench Run” – Homemade w/ Chris Hardwick from Nerdist

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Homemade Movies and the Nerdist join forces to create one of the greatest homemade spoofs of one of the greatest sci-fi films ever made. This is a lot of fun and Homemade Movies never ceases to amaze us with their ...

“Google Blockbuster” Will Change Hollywood Forever by Team Coco

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Google Blockbuster, just as accurate as the current "Hollywood Machine" but way more technologically advanced. Plus it uses YouTube! From the great minds of Team Coco.

Honest Trailers – Independence Day

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Just in time for Independence Day and the announcement of a sequel (Coming in 2015. If movies still exist then.) Honest Trailers looks at Independence day the movie. It really hearkens back to a time when Will Smith a...

Jobs Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Ashton Kutcher Movie HD

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When we heard Ashton Kutcher was playing Steve Jobs in a movie it sounded as likely to succeed as Ashton playing Albert Einstein. We have to admit this trailer looks pretty good though. Maybe it's time to dust off th...

Man of Steel vs. The Joker: Trailer Mashup by Mash Gordon

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Superman vs The Joker. It's on! Mash Gordon may have just found the answer to Hollywood's eternal quest to match up an ever expanding universe of heroes and villains. Why not just mash them up and see who wins?

This Week’s Best Videos 6/1/13 – 6/7/13

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Get ready to talk about #2, throw the world's best bachelor party, "work" with Millennials and experience a multiverse of funk. The best videos of the week are here! Let's Talk About #2 by Dollar Shave Club - Never...

‘Machete Kills’ Teaser Trailer

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Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo are back with the sequel to the Grindhouse hit Machete. This time Machete is called in by the President himself and he just might pull it off with the help of Sofia Vergara, Michelle R...

Back To The Future BTTF – Clock Tower Scene by Homemade Movies

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Homemade Movies recreates the climactic scene from Back to the Future with construction paper, dolls and a lot of ingenuity. Watch this bit of homemade awesomeness and be amazed. Directed by Dustin McLean Produced...

FOMO Horror Movie Trailer (with Anna Camp) by College Humor

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Ever have the Fear Of Missing Out? Ever have it so bad that your life becomes a terrifying psycho-drama? Well Anna Camp and College Humor have done it, so you don't have to.

Gravity: A Falling Montage

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Ever get that falling feeling. This video will make sure you do. A collection of memorable falling scenes in cinema (and one from TV). Music: "In The House, In A Heartbeat", by John Murphy, from the soundtrack to ...

The Bling Ring – Official Teaser Trailer (HD) Emma Watson

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Director Sophia Coppola returns, with the help of Emma Watson, Leslie Mann and Taissa Farmiga, to tell the story of fame obsessed teens who use the internet to track celebrities and rob their homes. Whoa! Leave it to ...

The Great Catsby trailer

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Guyism.com takes a shot at improving Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby. How? By mashing it up with the Aristocats of course. The result is The Great Catsby. So THAT'S where F. Scott Fitzgerald got the idea. We can't wai...

IRON MAN 3 Trailer – Thai sweded by FEDFE

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It's amazing the amount of effort and love that go into homemade (aka sweded) videos. All I can say is FEDFE is very excited for Ironman 3.

The Fugitive – 1 Man 1 Movie 1 Minute

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The Fugitive re-enacted by one man in one minute...in one take! A great high-speed spoof from Ambitious Vids.

Honest Trailers – Star Trek (2009)

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With the release of Star Trek Into the Darkness right around the corner Screen Junkies couldn't resist taking a shot at the last JJ Abrams Star Trek outing (aka JJ Abrams Star Wars demo reel).

Manborg – Official Trailer

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Campy acting and special effects, kung fu overdub and stop motion animation all in ONE MOVIE! Is it just us or does this look like the greatest film ever made? Directed by Steven Kostanski. The film is getting a DV...

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