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Paperman Threesome

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Disney's "Paperman" won the Oscar for Best Animated short, its classic romance transcending all irony and cynicism...well almost. College Humor deftly skewers the boy meets girl tale in this NSFW pitch-perfect parody....

We Saw Your Boobs – Seth MacFarlane Oscar Parody

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If you were offended by Seth MacFarlane's Oscar song "We Saw Your Boobs"... well, just get ready to be more offended.

The Oscars According to Us

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It was great to see the Academy Awards give so much respect to short films this year. No doubt there is a lot of great short form entertainment out there these days. We loved the films that the Academy picked (at ...

Pirate Movie Awards

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With the awards season upon us and Hollywood whining about how much money they're losing to illegal downloading (despite making record profits) you can't help but think this show is not far from becoming a reality.

Life of Pi | Visual Effects Making Of

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A beautiful visual look behind the computer generated magic of the film Life of Pi.

Kids Oscars!

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Nothing brings home the poignancy of Academy Award level drama like kids in silly costumes. Well done Official Comedy. We like you... We REALLY like you!

Academy Awards: Best Picture Oscar Winners

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Nelson Carvajal has created a supercut meets trivia game in this piece. See if you can name all of the movies in his homage to past Oscar winners.

Rejected Pitches: Oscars Special Part 2

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Rejected Pitches rejects the rest of the Oscar contenders. It's funny because it's probably true.

Rejected Pitches: Oscars Special ft. Fred Armisen Part 1

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Rejected Pitches takes on the Oscar nominees. Yes they can even reject just about everything. With a great appearance by Fred Armisen.


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Enjoy the romance of Disney without a single pink glittery princess in sight. Just a lonely young man in mid-century New York City who meets a beautiful woman on his morning commute. Charming animation ensues.