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REVENGE 9 – Cheating Prank Turns Into SUICIDE PRANK

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Subscribe for more PRANKS: http://bit.ly/ViralBrothersLast time Čeněk scared me almost to death with Paranormal Prank. This

Pee On My Foot Prank (Spring Break Pranks)

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Become a Breaker for new episodes of Prank Bank! ► http://bit.ly/BreakSubscribeIt's Spring Break! Getting stung

Good Cop Pull Over Prank

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Become a Breaker for new episodes of Prank Bank! ► http://bit.ly/BreakSubscribeFor the Greater Good: Share

Movie Trailer Voice Drive-Thru Prank

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Become a Breaker for new episodes of Prank Bank! ► http://bit.ly/BreakSubscribeFor the Greater Good: Share


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Think the PS4 & Xbox One are hard to find this holiday season? Try shopping for items that don't actually

Lord of the Rings In Real Life – Movies In Real Life (Episode 3)

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For our latest mission we recreated the famous "You shall not pass!" scene from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, placing Gandalf the Grey on Central Park's iconic Bow Bridge. Rather than fa...

The Matrix In Real Life – Movies In Real Life (Episode 4)

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For our latest mission we sent Neo from the Matrix into Macy's in New York City to shop for a new "man dress." As Neo talked to a confused sales associate in the mens suits department, over 30 "Agent Sm...

“Fake Banksy” Sells Out – The Ultimate Art Prank

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After the real Banksy manages to sell only 3 paintings in a day. "Fake Banksy" sells out in an hour. On October 13, the infamous street artist Banksy attempted to sell $60 canvases (worth tens-of-thousands of dolla...


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This young man gets women to kiss him by pretending to be Ryan Gosling standing in the rain from the movie The Notebook. SMARTEST PRANK EVER!

This Week’s Best Videos 8/9/13

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Breaking Bad is set to return for it's final season and it was Geek Week on YouTube, so in other words, business as usual on the internets. Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical - Never have songs about cooking m...


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Watch what happens when Greg delivers the weather forecast to strangers in an elevator... Positively Pranked is a new

Homeless Jackpot Prank

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Please Share this and hit the Like button:) We went out to see how several lucky people in need would

Mark Malkoff: Carried Like A Baby

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Mark Malkoff lives out every adult's ultimate fantasy, to be carried around New York City like a baby in a carrier, thanks to the help of 30 Rock's Grizz Chapman. This IS everyone's fantasy right? It's not just u...

Healthy Food Prank

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The last thing a kid wants on a hot day is broccoli on a stick. Prankster Roman Atwood didn't need to do this prank for us to know that it's true, but it sure is funny to see it play out. Roman got himself an ice crea...

See how easily freaks can take over your life

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It's good to make people aware of identity theft, but this PSA takes things a bit too far. Not only do they steal poor Tom's identity, they go around impersonating him. It's freaky, but it's effective. I'm guess yo...

David Spade Catfished? from Funny or Die

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Even super famous people, like David Spade, can fall victim to internet scams. See how this horrible scenario plays out. Just when David thinks he is about to meet the big beautiful black woman of his dreams things go...

The 1860s Bar by Improv Everywhere

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Improv Everywhere has pulled off some elaborate pranks, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time they've managed to time travel. IE turns the clock back 150 years to the 1860's at a New York bar and they didn't stop...


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Breaking up is hard to do. Although it is a little bit easier when you and the girl don't know each other at all. Finally instead of hitting on girls, reciting them song lyrics or trying to make out with them, someone...

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