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Should You Use The SNOOZE Button?

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Where was this video when I was in high school and my mother yelled at me every morning for being lazy and ignoring my alarm clock? As it runs out I just had "sleep inertia"... tons and tons of "sleep inertia." T...

Dreambox: An Inside Look

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The vending machine of the future. Just order up whatever you want and the 3D printer will create it right in front of you. Created by Dreambox 3D.

The Known Universe by AMNH

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Take a trip from the Himalayas, through the universe, to the afterglow of the big bang. This clip is a digital map of the known universe!  It's made possible by the Digital Universe Atlas, a four-dimensional map maint...

The Science of Love

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According to science love and cocaine are almost the same thing. Save your money people. Go fall in love. Another Great video from AsapScience.

Pale Blue Dot

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Carl Sagan telling it like it is, with great animation.