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Bad Dentist by Bats On Ice

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The REAL problem with Obamacare - Evil Dentists!

Stereotypes: Pickup Basketball

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It's funny because it's true. If you've ever been involved in a pickup game of basketball, chances are you've encountered at least one of these characters. Sketch troupe Dude Perfect does a great job bringing them all...

Wolverine: A Film By Woody Allen

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Woody Allen is the Wolverine! Oh boy. It's neurosis with knives. Another great genre mashing parody from Official Comedy.

SEAL TEAM SUX Ep 4 by Barats and Bereta

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Barats and Bereta are back with another mission of the super elite strike force Seal Team Sux. This time characters like Girl Who Thinks She Can Beatbox, Tragically Conjoined Twins and the Character They Came Up With ...

Beatles 3000

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Almost 1000 years into the future, historians uncover the history of The Beatles. Based on what we know about Egypt, this seems about right. A great histo/parody by Scott Gairdner.

PLAY – BY – PLAY – a deadly romantic comedy.

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Romance can be tricky. It can also be deadly. At least according to this sketch from UPROXX and 5 Second Films. The moral of this story, be careful which damsel in distress you decide to help out.

What We Say Vs. What We Think (After The Bar) by BuzzFeed

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BuzzFeed gets down and dirty and inside the heads of two hopeful lovebirds on their way to a night of romance - maybe. In other words it's what your thinking when you just want to hook up already.

Drunk History: Elvis Meets Nixon

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A sneak peak at Comedy Central and Funny or Die's new show Drunk History. In this historical chapter Elvis (Jack Black) pays a visit to President Nixon (Bob Odenkirk). Why? To become a certified Federal Narcotics Agen...

Reading Buzzfeed is Like Being Interrogated by CollegeHumor

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Ever have that feeling, that BuzzFeed is really just assaulting you to find out how much you REALLY love the 90's? College Humor hilariously reveals the scary truth behind Buzzfeed's meme-tastic retro kitcsh.

“Google Blockbuster” Will Change Hollywood Forever by Team Coco

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Google Blockbuster, just as accurate as the current "Hollywood Machine" but way more technologically advanced. Plus it uses YouTube! From the great minds of Team Coco.

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

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What if William Shakespeare had written Star Wars? It seems fairly plausible, especially after watching this sketch comedy mash up by Quirk Books. In fact I'm pretty sure iambic pentameter would help Yoda make a lot m...

CAMP: First Day by College Humor

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Welcome to Camp Wanaykaka! College Humor has some fun revisiting the comedy, the hookups and the horror of every summer camp movie ever.

The Loophole by Garfunkel and Oates – NSFW

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Comedy folk rock duet Garfunkel and Oates have some fun with some very confused Christian girls who are "saving" themselves for marriage. Apparently these girls have found a loophole that allows them to preserve their...

David Spade Catfished? from Funny or Die

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Even super famous people, like David Spade, can fall victim to internet scams. See how this horrible scenario plays out. Just when David thinks he is about to meet the big beautiful black woman of his dreams things go...

Skywire Live: What You Didn’t See from Funny Or Die

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If you're like us, you did not watch the Skywire Live event at all. Or care that it happened at all. Luckily Funny or Die has revealed the best parts in this newly revealed footage. Now we feel even better about missi...

Things You Wish You Could Say to Your Roommate by College Humor

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It's funny because it's true. All of those annoying things your roommate is always doing. They might not be the only one doing them. A great sketch from College Humor. Keep watching for the surprise ending. We did...

Paula Deen’s Apology from Funny Or Die

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Paula Deen is REALLY trying to make up for being a life long racist, but some things are just really hard to do. A great spoof of the southern cooking/artery clogging queen's mea culpa. Featuring - Betsy Sodaro,...

Charades by Edmond Hawkins and Alison Rich

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Who loves game night? You might rethink your answer as this game of charades takes an extremely dark turn. Or maybe you grew up in a similar household. Either way, enjoy! This is some of the strangest, most unexpec...

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