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Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie – Official Trailer #1 [HD] – NSFW

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Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes aka Jay and Silent Bob are back and this time they're not just hanging out and trying to get high. They're hanging out and trying to get high as animated superheroes! This looks sick, wrong...

Phoenix Jones – A Real Life Superhero by Avant/Garde Diaries

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Phoenix Jones wears a bullet proof suit and tries to stop crimes. He calls himself the Guardian of Seattle. The press calls him a superhero. The Avant/Garde Diaries do an amazing job documenting the very complex mo...

Balls of Steel – The Ultimate Nutshot by Freddie Wong

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It would make sense that the Man of Steel would have a lot of steel parts, but did you know he can also deliver the world's greatest nutshot? Watch and behold the superheroic shot to the cajones.

Queens of the Stone Age – If I Had A Tail

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Queens of the Stone Age are back with more of the heavy melodic rock that made them the kings of the LA meets the desert rock scene. This animated video turns If I Had a Tale into an anthem of superheroic proportions....

PBS: The Movie (PBS Meets The Avengers)

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Imagine all of your favorite PBS personalities were actually superheros (if you haven't done that already). Gritty Reboots has concocted the trailer for exactly that fantasy. Why did they do it? "Some men just want to...

Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines – Trailer

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Wonder Women traces the history of Grrrl Power and the empowerment of women in society through the lens of female comic book heroes. It looks to be a fun and interesting ride.

Prop Wars

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I wish I had had this kind of prop arsenal when I was a kid. Sneaky Zebra shows that a bucket of props and some great special effects can go a long way.

Wonder Woman Super Hero Fan Film

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If Wonder Woman ever gets a big budget movie of her own the studios will have a lot to live up to. This fan made film shows her as a World War Two era badass able to deflect machine gun fire from fighter planes with ...


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I guess in a way, this all makes sense. Funny, disturbing and informational - thanks ADHD!

Dark Knight Deleted Scene: Bane Cosby

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The real threat to Gotham City - Bane Cosby. From YouTube's Official Comedy Channel.