The Oscars
It was great to see the Academy Awards give so much respect to short films this year. No doubt there is a lot of great short form entertainment out there these days. We loved the films that the Academy picked (at least the ones we were able to see) but we have a lot of favorites of our own. Here’s a small sampling of short films from the last year that didn’t get an Oscar nomination, but very well could have.

Caine’s Arcade – Best Documentary
This film started a mini homemade game revolution. Supporters raised enough money to send Cain to college.

SOLIPSIST – Best Visual Effects
Yarn fish and melting sand faces – this film turns traditional VFX on it head and is just beautiful to look at.

88:88 – Best Science Fiction Thriller
This film packs as much wallop as any feature length sci-fi blockbuster in a fraction of the time.

The Eagleman Stag – Best Animation
A life story brilliantly told and beautifully animated.

The Terms – Best Family Drama
This film turns destiny upside down. The excellent performances and the twists of the story make it a standout.

Monster Roll – Best Genre Mashing Epic
Great storytelling, visually amazing and just plain fun. We want this film to be feature length SO badly.

Mike Birbiglia’s This American Life Short Film – Best Comedy
Comedy doesn’t get much love from the Academy, but it should. Standup comedy and radio nerds (and really everyone else) will love Mike Birbiglia’s short film precursor to Sleepwalk With Me.

Exoids – Best Post-Apocalyptic Slugs vs Robots Movie
This film by The Gnomon School of Visual Effects is original, action packed and has a great sense of humor. Major studios should be shaking in their boots or trying to hire everyone involved.

A Brief History of John Baldessari – Best Semi-Comedic Voice Over
An important artist gets his due with Tom Waits voice elevating what’s often the driest part of a documentary.

Choreography for Plastic Army Men – Best Use of Classic Dancing Toys
This stop-motion animation taps into our deep desire to spend all day making our old plastic army men dance.

Riding the Booster – Just Plain Awesome
We don’t know if there’s a category for this one, but you just have to watch it and be amazed. Turn up the sound LOUD!

Have a favorite short film from the past year that could have been an Oscar contender? Send us a link.