The original Harlem Shake was a dance move first popularized in Hip-Hop videos circa 1981. According to Wikipedia it was invented by a drunk man named Al B. It wasn’t all that pretty. It looked something like this.
That’s not the Harlem Shake we’re talking about. In August of 2012 a music producer named Baauer released a track titled “The Harlem Shake.” That track and a handful of skintight jumpsuits inspired the first Harlem Shake dance video, posted by Filthy Frank.

This version of the Harlem Shake quickly took off becoming a dance meme that everyone and their mother (literally) seemed to want to copy. The important elements are these – the video starts off with one person dancing, preferably wearing a mask. When the drop hits things just get crazy.

Why should you care? Well you just might want to make a Harlem Shake video of your own. It looks like a lot of fun or at least a good excuse to put on that skin tight jumpsuit you’ve got hiding in the closet.

Here are some of our favorite Harlem Shake Videos.  If the music starts to drive you crazy (and it will) skip to the compilation at the end of the playlist so you can see all of the craziness at once.


Cahier du Video


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